The Almighty GooberzillaThe Almighty Gooberzilla
The Almighty Gooberzilla is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, which is itself wrapped in a tender, crushed-velvet package and launched from the Crab Nebula at speeds undreamt of by your feeble human science. His mission is to spread the gospel of great movies across the crimson murk of the Internet, instilling Nerdvana into the hearts of children everywhere, all the while secretly preparing for the coming Robo / Dino Apocalypse, in which he plans to ride to Valhalla on the backs of a herd of fusion-powered cybernetic velociraptors.
(By day he masquerades as the puny human, Paul Chapman.)

Sean, after watching Ice PiratesSean “Hollywood” Hunting
Traveling salesman by day, masked crime-fighter by night, why Sean “Hollywood” Hunting chose to align himself with such an uncanny evil as The Almighty Gooberzilla remains a mystery. Perhaps it was a marriage of convenience, born out of a desire to elevate human consciousness through the power of Nerdvana. Perhaps it is all an elaborate ploy to prevent Judgement Day. Only time will tell, and until such time arrives “Hollywood” will be there to wield his wit like Mjolnir and counter-balance Gooberzilla’s lunatic ravings.

Katherine the GreatKatherine the Great
Little is known about Katherine the Great, alpha female and founding co-host of the Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast. It is said that she rules her domain with an iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove, although outside the velvet glove is another gauntlet with an electric cattle-prod Duct-taped to the end. If Gooberzilla is meant to be feared, then Katherine is meant to be adored. Her role in the upcoming Robo / Dino Apocalypse is unclear.

M.O.M., the Mistress of MalapropismsM. O. M. , the Mistress of Malapropisms
Capable of slaughtering puns, butchering adages, and mangling metaphors in 0.01 seconds flat, M.O.M. is a force to be reckoned with. Originally a registered nurse by trade, her purpose is to “kiss-it-and-make-it-better” after the Robo / Dino Apocalypse destroys the world. Beware her insidious chocolate-chip pancakes! Their deliciousness is a trap designed to bend you to the will of her fiendish offspring, the Almighty Gooberzilla.
When asked about the difficulties of her role as co-host and Internet celebrity, M.O.M. simply replied: “Hey, it’s not rocket surgery.”


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