Robot + Dinosaur = NIGHTMARE!

Don’t try to salvage giant alien robots, because Terror of Mechagodzilla is

The Greatest Movie EVER!

Review in a Nutshell: The final entry in the ‘Showa’ Godzilla series, Terror of Mechagodzilla boasts the return of Ishiro Honda and a darker, more somber tone than many previous films.  The seriousness is a bit of a mismatch with the silver jumpsuits and the fan-blade butt dinosaurs.

This movie contains:

Mad Scientists.

Cyborg Technology!

Astromen from Outer Space.


One Buzzard and a Boa Constrictor.

Strap on your fur bikini, because One Million Years BC

is the Greatest Movie EVER!

This movie contains:


Child-Eating Allosaurus.


Oh, yeah. Raquel Welch is in there, too.

Eeeper’s Going to Kill Me.

The Greatest Movie EVER!Lay off the Irish jokes, because Gorgo is the Greatest Movie EVER!

This movie contains:

Gorgo, AKA Irish Godzilla

Irish Godzilla.

Actually Bill Travers.

Steven Seagal!?! (Not really.)

Cannons go boom.

Military Stock Footage.

That kid looks terrified.

Greasers greeting a Flaming Doom.