“Did that Robot have a Mustache?”

The Greatest Movie EVER!

Fear the Gooberzilla’s foam-flecked fanboy ravings, because

Transformers: The Movie is the Greatest Movie EVER!

See Also:

This movie contains:

RC, my robo-crush.

Pink Robots.



He turns into a motorcycle. Please no ‘handlebar’-related jokes.

Optimus Dies.




Where’s Hajime Sorayama when you need him?


I think we need to keep reviewing films that are just right for the whole family to consume…





  1. Bah weep granah weep ninni bong

  2. kimiden says:

    Just some thoughts…

    -Am I the only one that thought the special features on the anniversary release of the movie were seriously lacking? That or at least want to throttle the person whose bright idea it was to have the only audio for the Japanese “Special Episode” be nothing but two fanboys rambling on about how Megatron in Japan pales in comparison to Frank Welker? Only holding onto it for the widescreen transfer >_>

    -In the comics, Grimlock somehow manages to become this tyrant king…sort of. So maybe that IQ rating isn’t THAT far off…

    -How could you hate Hot Rod?! I don’t blame you for hating Season 4 but still! Rodimus has giant laser cannons in his trailer! 😛

    -If it makes you feel better Frank came back to voice Galvatron in Season 3 ^^

    -And 60 bucks for Optimus…That’s half the price of the big Masterpiece Edition these days >_>

  3. DensityDuck says:

    I had to stop the podcast several times, because I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t hear.

    “Okay, you’ve got this giant robot the size of a PLANET, and it’s attempting to EAT another planet, and Grimlock decides that the most vulnerable point is the ASS.”

  4. Charles Larson says:

    I believe you’ll find that, if you listen to the OPENING NARRATION, Transformers: The Movie takes place NOT in 203X, but in 2005! Btw, the whole “moe for Optimus Prime” thing? Kind of creepy.

  5. Eduardo M. says:

    I’d make a comment and nit various picks but I think I’ll wait till I’m actually up in Tarpon to do so.

  6. gooberzilla says:

    The 203X / 2005 thing was an honest mistake. I mentioned in the podcast that there was a week between viewing the film and the actual recording, so I’m not surprised that I got some of the details wrong.

    As for being “moe” for Optimus Prime, the only thing in my defense that I will say is that there are worse things you could be “moe” for than a giant robot that transforms into a semi truck. 🙂

    I don’t own the Two Disc Anniversary Edition yet, so I can’t comment. But it is disappointing that the only audio track available on Scramble City is some obnoxious fan commentary.

    I don’t hate Hot Rod; I dislike Rodimus Prime. And Galvatron is a poor substitution for Megatron, as far as I’m concerned, even with Welker doing the voice.

    I’m glad you enjoyed this episode, DensityDuck. I think it came together pretty well, all things considered.


  7. Charles Larson says:

    Well, okay, fair enough. I did like the episode. I didn’t know you could be moe for something, as I thought moe refered to girls…or something. It’s not something I’ve spent a lot of time researching. You’ve failed me again, Daryl Surat.

  8. Craig Mcleod says:

    Of course, your “Moé” for OPtimus Prime, YOU BURN WITH THE PASSON FOR OPTIMUS PRIME!

    WITH COURAGE, 30% becames 100%! OPEATION APROVED!

  9. gooberzilla says:

    Charles, “moe” is a pretty creepy concept: it means a sense of romantic attachment for an inanimate thing. You were correct in thinking my “I love Optimus Prime” rant was a little creepy; I intended it to be. I used some hyperbole and exaggeration to make a point. I really do feel emotionally invested in Optimus Prime within the context of the movie and the television show. He’s one of my favorite characters in film. I’m also pretty fond of Mothra. But I don’t actually harbor romantic feelings for either.

    I occasionally claim to be “moe” for something ridiculous as a subversive way of deconstructing the meaning of the word. In the past, I’ve claimed to be “moe” for the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile and 16th Century Dutch poetry. In this way I attempt to take the wind out of the sails of those people that truly believe “moe” is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

  10. Mo-e is SERIOUS BUSINESS! Stop spreading lies on the internets! If you don’t believe me, check out this report on Tokyo Eye:

    Paul is the biggest Mo-e otaku. He is lying because he’s in a state of denial. He is just trying to hide his otaku nature. Otaku No Video proved that no one can not hide their otaku nature. They will eventually geek out. I refer to the segment “Portrait of an Otaku: Ikuta Yuudai”.

    Gooberzilla (Pseudonym)
    Born 1982.
    Podcast Monkey.
    Years as an Otaku: 26 (I’m also counting the gestation period).

    Voice has been altered by the subject’s request. Please bear with us.

    I’m mo-e for Optimus, Grimlock, and Wheeljack. The lack of a mouth makes them cool. Some people love soul-stealing plate sized anime eyes. I like mouthless transformers. I think it pretty cool.

    (I need a energon treat dispenser…)

  11. gooberzilla says:

    (He’s onto me.)

    Actually, I was born in 1981. I’ll be 26 in October.


  12. I don’t see why you think the so-called widescreen print is so great considering the film was shot in full frame and just cropped at theatres to make it look widescreen. There’s actually MORE to see in the full frame version than in the widescreen one.

  13. DensityDuck says:

    Wow, really? That kind of blows.

    Further question: Is there a version available on DVD that doesn’t have the opening crawl or opening narration?

    Further, further question: I’ve heard a lot about “the Japanese version” which supposedly has extra animation. Is this true? Is this version available?

  14. You get either the opening crawl (originally from the UK release of the film, available on the old Rhino VHS in the US) or you just get the “IT WAS THE YEAR 2005!” The Japanese version does NOT have extra footage, there’s some crap from an early promo reel which is like 5 seconds of Ultra Magnus colored like the original Diaclone Powered Convoy toy (truck cab is blue instead of white, chest is gray with a white breastplate, red hat, red arms, et cetera) and a couple of other snippets of crap, but it’s not that interesting and lasts literally about 30 seconds and is no doubt up on youtube.

    Okay, yeah, I found a trailer that has that test footage:

  15. Here’s the bitter truth about TFTM in widescreen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsC8E6yjmgY

    Oh, by the way, regarding Star Wars ripoffs, we were talking about visual imagery largely. Example: I don’t think the young hero fighting a training robot was in Joseph Campbell’s thing, but it’s in Star Wars AND Transformers The Movie, and Unicron visually owes a LOT to the Death Star. I can picture the planning meeting.

    “Wait, wait, I know, we’ll have the Death Star… but it Transformers into a robot!”

    “Yeah! Yeah! But why…?”

    “Uh, it’s like Galactus!”


  16. P.S. The UK version also features in addition to the Star Wars style scroll the helpful message at the end of the movie that Optimus Prime will return to life in uh, the Return of Optimus Prime. Or is it Dark Awakening? i forget?

  17. HaloJones-Fan says:

    PS I love how Arcee’s transformation sequence is basically “fall over and bam, she’s a car”.

    On the other hand, the “new” Arcee (the motorcycle TF2007-style) looks pretty sweet. Especially when you put Revy on top. HOT TWO-GIRL ACTION!

  18. Eeeper says:

    Hey Paul with this show you finally made my ultra, uber cool list. Maybe it was the fact that you and I are the same age. It could be the subject matter of the podcast. But mostly because I found someone other than myself and the brother who was mo-e for Optimus Prime.

    Plus the “One shall stand, one shall fall” line made it into the Michael Bay version. I think that was the winning entry for Yahoo’s competition for “Get a line in the Transformers Movie” But Paul, you were probably hating it too much to notice. I voted for that line. Did anyone else?

    Finally according to BotCon 2007 Peter Cullen would love to own one of the trucks used in the film. To reiterate a comment by someone else online, has your head not exploded yet from the sheer awesomeness of Optimus Prime driving himself!!??!!

  19. Suto says:

    It’s not Optimus Prime, it has a hood. He needs to get a red flat-faced semi with a loudspeaker and heavy tint. Then he can drive around and yell at twenty-somethings. And they will faint.

  20. front-beat says:

    Totally off Topic …

    Goki have you maybe though of becoming a white boy rapper ?

  21. Front-beat, the ways you make my head hurt never seem to end…

  22. front-beat says:

    Hey what’d I do wrong this time ?

  23. Esperanto King says:

    >>-In the comics, Grimlock somehow manages to become this
    >> tyrant king…sort of. So maybe that IQ rating isn’t THAT
    >> far off…

    Ahhh, you mean the issues done by Bud Budiansky?

    As in, “hey, the Spider-Clone Saga was my idea!” Bud Budiansky? ;D

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