“Come out to Plaa-aaay!”

The Greatest Movie EVER!

Can you dig it? Because The Warriors is the Greatest Movie EVER!

This movie contains:

Luther has issues.


Swing, batter batter.

Holy @#$%! The Baseball Furies!!!

Poor Ajax!

The Dangers of Anonymous “Dating”.

Sinister DJs.

Lesbian Dance Routines.


Grig from The Last Starfighter

We’ll be fighting evil in another dimension!


  1. Props and a half, Goki.

    I’ve been wating ages for a Warriors “Greatest Movie Ever,” and now it’s here!

    Next order of business: Getting pumped for The Last Starfighter.

  2. That lunatic looks just like Sean Penn … wait… Oh that is TLSF I thought it was Enemy Mine for a second that’s also a good one.

  3. Don’t mess with Coney! It’s not a fantasy world. It was my childhood.

    You didn’t mention that David Patrick Kelly played Sully in Commando. Epic Fail.

    Wait… Wait… Is that a Dan O’Herlihy autographed head shot from The Last Starfighter? You have a Dan O’Herlihy autographed head shot!

  4. Michael Beck: Megaforce! Come on! MEGAFORCE! Because sometimes the good guys win…even in the 80s.

    Michael Beck also appeared on the short-lived TV show Houston Knights, starring…Michael Pare! The two Michaels, together at last! I’m still waiting for “Swann Meets Tom Cody” though.

  5. No, James, I don’t own an autographed Dan O’Herlihy headshot from The Last Starfighter. I found that image through Google Image Search, and swiped it.

    I do, however, own an autographed 8″ x 11″ glossy of Lou Ferrigno as Hercules, which I intend to display prominently when we cover the Lou Ferrigno Hercules movies. Rumor on the street is that Joel White wants in on that action.

  6. The Warriors was my favorite movie as a kid. Will have to pick up the DVD.

    Great podcast, keep up the good work.

    Or should I say the Greatest Podcast Ever!!!

  7. And if you ever do “Cannon Films presents Lou Ferrigno as Sinbad in Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘Sinbad the Sailor,'” I want in on that one.

  8. I was always kinda disapponited by the Baseball Furies – they come out looking all awesome with their quirky face paint, then they get taken down in a matter of minutes. Meh.

    Anyway, looking forward to hearing this one, boppers.

  9. Tragically, Megaforce is not out on DVD. It’s also been well over a decade since I last saw it, so my memory regarding is a little fuzzy. Mostly I remember it being the Greatest Movie EVER.

    Keith, you now have first dibs on the Lou Ferrigno Sinbad, which I just ordered from Amazon. I love that movie.

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