“Come out to Plaa-aaay!”

The Greatest Movie EVER!

Can you dig it? Because The Warriors is the Greatest Movie EVER!

This movie contains:

Luther has issues.


Swing, batter batter.

Holy @#$%! The Baseball Furies!!!

Poor Ajax!

The Dangers of Anonymous “Dating”.

Sinister DJs.

Lesbian Dance Routines.


Grig from The Last Starfighter

We’ll be fighting evil in another dimension!


  1. cavemantom says:

    Props and a half, Goki.

    I’ve been wating ages for a Warriors “Greatest Movie Ever,” and now it’s here!

    Next order of business: Getting pumped for The Last Starfighter.

  2. Ian says:

    That lunatic looks just like Sean Penn … wait… Oh that is TLSF I thought it was Enemy Mine for a second that’s also a good one.

  3. Don’t mess with Coney! It’s not a fantasy world. It was my childhood.

    You didn’t mention that David Patrick Kelly played Sully in Commando. Epic Fail.

    Wait… Wait… Is that a Dan O’Herlihy autographed head shot from The Last Starfighter? You have a Dan O’Herlihy autographed head shot!

  4. Keith says:

    Michael Beck: Megaforce! Come on! MEGAFORCE! Because sometimes the good guys win…even in the 80s.

    Michael Beck also appeared on the short-lived TV show Houston Knights, starring…Michael Pare! The two Michaels, together at last! I’m still waiting for “Swann Meets Tom Cody” though.

  5. mitchyd says:

    I love this movie, and I don’t know why. When I listen, I will surely acquire such knowledge.

  6. gooberzilla says:

    No, James, I don’t own an autographed Dan O’Herlihy headshot from The Last Starfighter. I found that image through Google Image Search, and swiped it.

    I do, however, own an autographed 8″ x 11″ glossy of Lou Ferrigno as Hercules, which I intend to display prominently when we cover the Lou Ferrigno Hercules movies. Rumor on the street is that Joel White wants in on that action.

  7. Cyrus says:

    Secure our territory… secure our turf… because it’s all our turf!

  8. Red Carnage says:

    The Warriors was my favorite movie as a kid. Will have to pick up the DVD.

    Great podcast, keep up the good work.

    Or should I say the Greatest Podcast Ever!!!

  9. Keith says:

    And if you ever do “Cannon Films presents Lou Ferrigno as Sinbad in Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘Sinbad the Sailor,'” I want in on that one.

  10. akuheibakery says:

    I was always kinda disapponited by the Baseball Furies – they come out looking all awesome with their quirky face paint, then they get taken down in a matter of minutes. Meh.

    Anyway, looking forward to hearing this one, boppers.

  11. Eduardo M. says:

    Is Megaforce even out on DVD???

  12. gooberzilla says:

    Tragically, Megaforce is not out on DVD. It’s also been well over a decade since I last saw it, so my memory regarding is a little fuzzy. Mostly I remember it being the Greatest Movie EVER.

    Keith, you now have first dibs on the Lou Ferrigno Sinbad, which I just ordered from Amazon. I love that movie.

  13. Eduardo M. says:

    any fans of this movie should check out the latest issue of Toyfare. It has a parody of the Warriors

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