The Most Dangerous Month – Hard Target

The Greatest Movie EVER!
Watch out for spin-kicks, because Hard Target is the Greatest Movie EVER!
This movie contains:
The Mullet of Champions.
Inconveniently Flaming Jackets.
Chicks dig dudes with good balance.
Firing guns while standing up on a motorcycle.
Fruity Eyebrow-Raising Villains.
The Most Dangerous Month continues…
Yellow is not your color, Arnie.


  1. Is it okay if I don’t remember a moment of this movie?

    I don’t think it is… I just… I… I really need to watch this again, but nothing can ever beat Sudden Death.

  2. Oh mans, I hope Dave and Joel get to do Running Man with you, or they may have to kill you or something.

    On topic, I’m ashamed to say I actually liked Hard Target.

  3. The only Van Damme film I can almost stand is Time Cop and I can barely contain my anticipation for the Running Man podcase

  4. Just a note… I don’t remember the patch on the veteran’s jacket, but you can have a 101st Airborne Division Patch and the Ranger Tab (not to be confused with the Ranger Scroll).

    The Ranger Tab is a skills badge for graduating Ranger School (like Airborne Jump Wings for Airborne school). You can go to Ranger School for the training and serve in a regular line unit (like 1st Infantry or 101st Airborne).

    On the other hand, the Ranger Scroll is for service in an actual Army Ranger unit.

  5. I saw a while ago that there’s supposedly a rough 24 minute longer edit of Hard Target floating around the interwebs. I was hoping that one of you guys would have seen it as I’m very curious about how much more it adds.

  6. I’ve seen it. Other than some bits of drama and dialogue, the big difference between the work print and the final version is that instead of shooting guys four or five times, Van Damme shoots them nine or ten times.

  7. I actually like Hard Target and I am NOT ashamed.

    There is a complete list of every single edit made to the film to achieve the R rating. Examples include:

    “Slow motion/close-up of fatal arrow striking Binder and his body is seen floating in the river (4 sec.)”

    “During the finale Chance shoots a man with an upside down Beretta, the man is shot somewhere around 29 times (5 sec.)”

    “Following the Beretta overkill Chance clips two more hunters (12 sec.)”

    And so on, though many cuts were just story-related. The most notable being “Chance and Natasha fall in love (3 minutes and 25 sec).” Most of the things that were cut down are still present in the film, but are just more toned down. I for one demand to see those 5 additional seconds of ear cutting, but alas it’s only to be found in the workprint. Apparently the workprint used the soundtrack from Patriot Games as placeholder for some scenes since it takes time to come up with the astounding score that permeates this film.

  8. Great review guys.

    P.S. Hey Daryl, you play CoH?
    If you ever want to play a match add me under “Dinosaur”.

  9. I know sean hates it when people talk about the movie that is coming on next but Running Man is the greatest movie ever. Also this is my first time writing on the comment page so I wanted to say keep up the great work. I don’t listen to all of the podcast just the movies that i have seen but i am going to rent all the movies that you talk about so that i can listen to the other episodes. And for a recommendation i just got one right now, Congo.

  10. Past issues with homeless vets? I don’t know if you’ve been reading the news, we have issue with current Iraq war veterans becoming homeless.

    And to second Goob, Dave and Daryl’s opinion that these homeless special forces veterans are getting the raw deal for $10,000, I swear Blackwater and other PMCs would give them better money at probably the same risk.

  11. I hate to anger Sean by talking about the next film being reviewed rather than the current one, but I’ve never seen Hard Target and I need to vent briefly about The Running Man.

    I can’t bring myself to like it, because it diverges so wildly from the short story, which I have massive inappropriate love for, and which was perfect for cinematic adaptation the way that it was. (It was practically a screenplay as written, fer Chrissakes.) I still hope for a proper version, starring someone like Ed Norton as Richards, but given the way it ends I don’t see that happening for several decades. Blast.

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