Get Wet!

Celebrating three years and 175 episodes of pure podcasterization, we break out the oars, because Waterworld is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Review in a Nutshell: Dryland is not a myth!

NOTE:  I forgot to mention that David Twohy, author of the execrable Chronicles of Riddick, co-wrote the script for Waterworld

I blame him entirely for all of the excesses in the Extended Cut.


  1. Zacery Nova says:

    I LOVE THIS FILM! It’s one of only two movies I own on DVD made before 2000 (the other being ‘Tank Girl’).

    Also, the long pause after the ‘ass-slapping’ comment was amusing (and the whole thing was lovingly homoerotic).

    “Ulysses”, you were pronouncing it “you-lih-sees” but is it not said “you-luh-sees”? Yeah, I’m a nerd. Whatever.

    – Zac

  2. James says:

    How dare you infer that modern editing with it’s “ultra quick barely able to tell what is going on” type shots is not cool. I mean, who wants to be able to see the stunts and what is happening in a movie? Come on here Paul.
    Also, this movie rocks. I remember renting this movie and seeing the trailer for Tremors 2. Such great memories.

  3. Kidder says:

    I gotta agree with Zac, I love Waterworld. It’s so ridiculously absurd and had the production budget to make it awesome!

  4. Ian Strope says:

    Fingers crossed for a The Postman follow up.

  5. Firest says:

    I think a lot of the hate for Waterworld stems from inflated expectations. Remember, Kevin Costner was coming off of Field of Dreams and Dances with Wolves, so there were HUGE expectations for Waterworld.

    When it turned out to be a two and a half hour, massively over-budget Mad Max vs. Global Warming vanity piece, people were disappointed.

  6. soundwaveCA says:

    I have to agree, this film get’s way more flak then it deserves. I wouldn’t maybe rank it as high as you guys did but it’s still an enjoyable movie nonetheless.

  7. Firest says:

    According to Wikipedia (and whoever wrote the Wiki page for WW takes the movie WAY to seriously) the extended cut isn’t any kind of directors cut, but was done by ABC so they could show Waterworld as a two-night mini-series. Then when the extended cut was released on DVD it was simply the ABC version with all the network censorship left in for some idiotic reason.

    And Gooberzilla, not to distract from the magnificence that is Waterworld, but were you aware that the Greatest Movie Ever was about to be unleashed upon the world?

    I am speaking of course of….Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus!!!

    Just when you thought it was safe to fly in a jetliner!!

  8. Water World is also the title of the Greatest Movie tie-in Strategy Game Ever, but if we’re making suggestion.

    What movie do you see a train conductor get kebabed with a spear, then see a guy get shot and fly out of the train by a shotgun? Followed closely by someone getting thrown out of the train by a warhammer. The great Korean classic by Kim Ji-woon “The Good, the Bad, the Weird”.

    Go Gators!!!

  9. Eduardo M. says:

    “Fingers crossed for a The Postman follow up.”

    Why??!!?? Hasn’t the human race been subjected to enough torture? Do we honestly need to be reminded of that overly long POS?

    BTW Paul, shame on you for not posting a clip of that old guy’s death. That has to be the GREATEST Death scene in film

  10. Ian says:

    Gould was talking about “Punctuated Evolution or Equillibrium.

  11. coffee fan says:

    this was an underrated movie IMO

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