Space Disco Slime Party Armageddon

Break out the gas cannisters and the net-guns, because The Green Slime is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie poster or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring the return of M.O.M.!

Review in a Nutshell:  The Green Slime has got giant meteors menacing the Earth, ungodly alien monsters, and leggy fashion models in silver jumpsuits.  What more do you want?

This movie contains:

Space Disco.

Awful Green Things from Outer Space.

The Somber Thumbs-Up of Victory.


  1. Bill Finger was always helping Bob Kane with Batman from Day One. Kane would take all the credit. Kane started acknowledge Finger’s contribution either shortly before or shortly after Finger’s death.

  2. DrkJediEngineer says:

    Good episode. This sounds like a pretty fun movie, I wish it wasn’t so hard to get a hold of. Netflix instant has let me down!

  3. Eduardo M. says:

    Goob, you’re my friend but I have to ask you, DO NOT SUBJECT YOUR MOTHER TO SHAQ MOVIES!!!! She’s your mother. She raised you. Do not torture her like this.

    Speaking of MOM. You wouldnt happen to know how to make green slime cookies, do you? If so, could you make some for me? Please?

  4. Firest says:

    I think I was about eight when I first saw The Green Slime on one of those late-night TV creature features that used to be popular before cable became the norm. It made a huge impression on me and I always kept an eye out for it’s increasingly rare broadcasts.

    I haven’t seen it in over twenty years, though you’ve inspired me to order the dvd.

    I like it for much the same reasons you and M.O.M. like it, the occasional actual suspense, that how the characters act feels like how actual people would react under similar circumstances, and that the “hero” character is the one who keeps making things worse.

    It’s claimed that The Green Slime a big inspiration for Aliens, and I can readily believe it.

    Kudos on another great episode Gooberzilla, and I hope we don’t have to go so long without hearing from M.O.M. again.

  5. DensityDuck says:

    I listened to this one back-to-back with The Shadow, and until MOM identified herself I thought that Katherine was in both of them.

  6. Mathew says:

    I just watched this movie last week. Loved it. We need more movies like this one.

  7. Creaty says:

    Goob, you’re the first person I’ve heard mention “If looks could kill” starring the great richard greico. I threw away my VHS copy of it a while ago thinking it was easy to get on DVD but never found it. Now I know why.

  8. Bob says:

    If ever a movie deserved the title “Greatest Move Even” it would be this one.

    The only thing more surprising than you not doing this sooner or me remembering it, is that I don’t think the MST3K guys ever riffed it.

  9. David Rosi says:

    Grate podcast!1 But I have one complaint, why do you take so long to put out new episodes?
    What are you donning that is so in-portent that you cant sit your winey liberal librarian but down and talk about a movie for 45 minuets. what is so dam necessary for you to do with your life! did you ever stop and think about some one else for two seconds? Did you ever stop and think that there are people out there that see your podcast as one of the priceless few ray’s of sun light in a other wise bleak and cruel world? Did you ever think about that!
    sincerely David Rossi
    P.S. get to work!

  10. Was I the first person to tell you of the Warner Archive site with Doc Savage? I’m glad you’re taking advantage of it!

    Did you miss the whole Decon scene that came right after that stupidity? I recall Commander Straightback being pissy about it and he told some poor schlub to run the decon several times, and then he was dead.

    And it’s interesting, the slime got on board NOT because the Science guy did something stupid (“I’ll just sneak this onboard, nobody will know!”) but it was an honest hitchhiker, a droplet in a fold of cloth.

    It’s my understanding the music was completely different for the Japanese release. It’s a shame a bilingual version wasn’t in the cards, but at least it WAS remastered.

    Great job, guys! Wish I had been in on it!

  11. Marc Nix says:

    @Bob & Gooberzilla: Small bit of trivia to add: The Green Slime was actually the first show of MST3K ever produced. They used parts of this movie as the pilot for the series, but for some reason they never did it as a full episode. (Too bad, could have been one of their rare episodes where the movie was as fun as the riffs.)

    Search “Green Slime MST3k” (I’m not sure if links get filtered as spam so it’s easier to Google it) and you’ll find mention of it on MST3K Wikia; Digital Archive Project hosts a tracker for a recording of when it was shown in 2008 if you want to watch that pilot tape.

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