Stomp Romp / Zilla Thrilla: Every Rose Has Its Thorn


Like an atomic dinosaur slumbering in a volcano, the Stomp Romp / Zilla Thrilla theme was not dead, but merely resting. Join Mike Dent, Tony Wendel, and myself as we shake off the dust of ages to talk about perhaps the strangest, most surreal entry in the Heisei series, Godzilla vs. Biollante. CLICK HERE or on the image above to download our review of the film, which now features 20% more Space Godzilla and Shinji Higuchi gossip by volume.


  1. Bo says:

    Without having listened to the episode I would like to say that this is the worst godzilla movie I have ever seen, I’ve only seen 6 to be fair but one of them was the american 90s movie.

  2. gooberzilla says:

    Bo is now twice-confirmed as a Biollante-Hater. 😉

  3. Bo says:

    Hehe yeah after listening to the episode I was reminded I already said this thing =P

    But while you all like it you did mention the reason why I really didnt like it. A very large focus on the human characters while not having any interesting stuff for the human characters to do.

    Another thing which you didnt mention is how static Biollante is. She looks great but she doesnt move much making for a pretty dull fight at the end.

    You also seemed to be hating the Ghidora movie that follows Biollante but I personally thought that one beats biollante ang Godzilla 1985. The time travel plot and the ww2 dinosaur was fun and didnt put me to sleep. =P

  4. ‘Purity of concept’ is the perfect way to describe Godzilla’s look in the Heisei movies. He looks so great, though I do appreciate how spiky he got later on

  5. timeliebe says:

    Hey! I think I may have actually seen this one! 😀

  6. timeliebe says:

    Hey, I think I may have actually seen this one! 🙂

  7. timeliebe says:

    Hey, Stupid WordPress had me repeating myself!

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