GME! Anime Fun Time Episode #28 – Ninja Scroll

July is coming to a close, and it’s time for some more Anime Fun. Join Tom and I as we reminisce about Ninja Scroll (known in Japan as Jūbē Ninpūchō), 1993 animated film that recalls the dark and nihilistic samurai exploitation films of the Seventies. CLICK HERE or on the Bluray cover of the film, which features discussion on Ninja’s Scroll‘s place in American fandom as well as many a paean to the lonely death of Bee Guy.

ERRATA: When talking about samurai movies involving hidden gold mines, I accidentally conflated two different films: Goyokin (1969) and Sword of the Beast (1965), both of which are directed by Hideo Gosha. I also mispronounced Gemma’s name as “Genma” throughout the entire podcast without realizing it. My bad.


  1. timeliebe says:

    Ninja Scroll? I saw that ages ago, back when I was first into anime – it, Akira and the original Ghost in the Shell were the big three getting talked up as “The Japanamation Movies” you needed to see, because they were really intelligent, and not at all “Kid’s Stuff!”

  2. Roger says:

    The thing I wanna know is, how has Kawajiri managed to have never directed a Fist of the North Star movie. I watched this when I was like 12, right up there with Angel Cop and Maeda’s La Blue Girl. Cause ya know, a kid had to have something else when he wasn’t watching Michael Dudikoff flicks.

    I’m pretty sure Fast Karate’s touched on this before but, it’s pretty amazing how Kawajiri’s 3-character template never gets old. You got the male protagonist, the female counterpart lead, and the old guy overwatching things.. or in Bloodlust’s case a talking hand. And yet all his works and 30+ years of film making still look fresh as a muffin.

    I’m glad he’s still somewhat in the business, Madhouse always does really cool stuff. Hopefully that Ninja Scroll sequel gets off the ground, he’s one of the last of the Mohicans still clinging-on to the anime medium in lieu of video games.

    Though if Keanu Reeves does something anime related, I’d rather see him as Goku from Midnight Eye than Spike.

  3. I can’t lie, this movie has my favorite way of “killing” an immortal.

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