Deep, Deep Symbolism.

Zardoz is the Greatest Movie EVER. Or possibly the Worst. It’s the cinematic equivalent of being hit in the brain with a slice of lemon wrapped in a solid gold brick.


4 Minutes, 0 Seconds In:



12 Minutes, 22 Seconds – 13 Minutes, 55 Seconds In:

Gooberzilla calls shenanigans on Hideaki Anno.


14 Minutes, 3 Seconds In:

He really does look like Paul McCartney.


14 Minutes, 54 Seconds In:

Pyramid-trap! OH SNAP!


17 Minutes, 11 Seconds In:



Closing thought:

At least Zardoz was politically progressive, huh?


Next episode is Deep Blue Sea, I promise!


  1. Daryl Surat says:

    Zardoz more than any other film is the cinematic equivalent of the Walker, Texas Ranger lever. Last year at my Anime Hell-inspired panels, I decided to run several clips from this film. The way I decided on what clips to run was LITERALLY “fast forward to random part and hit play.”

    It was exceptional. The echoing cries of Zed knocking down bookshelves while repeatedly screaming “THE TRUTH! THE TRUTH!” is incidentally what I hear in my head as I’m editing anime con reports.

  2. Ian says:

    Oh man I was just thinking that I should check out the archives. I don’t think I remember listening to this one which is something I will now do.

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