Obligatory ‘Bad Dudes’ Reference.

State of the Union

April 1st comes early, and XXX: State of the Union is the Greatest Movie EVER.

This film contains:

Baddest Man on the Planet.

Ice Cube…

Billy Bob Baker, Baptist Preacher!

Ice Cube, Surly Waiter!

…Master of Disguise!

Also featuring:




Lots and Lots of Explosions.


Vin Diesel is the Man.

Riddick not appearing in this Episode.


  1. Eeeper says:

    I can’t stand Vin Diesel myself although I did like C Of R. But any and I mean any film that blows sh%t up for little or no reason can’t be all that bad. Right? The original XXX seemed to be Bond for the MTV generation whereas this sequel seems to be XXX for the MTV generation. And yes I know I just contradicted myself. XXX 3 ahead soon I hope. Camera speed ramping, ahoy!

  2. Craig says:

    Why do I feel that the nation will be denyed it’s M.O.M vs Akira nonsence?

  3. fred says:

    You need to maker her watch Odin!
    Witch is truelly the GRATES MOVIE EVER!!!


  4. Derek says:

    Hehe, very nice review. I personally thought that they kept on hitting home that Xander was dead in order to stick it to Vin Diesel. Kind of like “Oh you don’t want a sequel? WELL YOU’RE DEAD NOW! You can’t come back for the sequel even if you wanted to MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!” I think the other bit of continuity tying together the XXX movies is that none of the leads can kiss worth a damn. I swear I was watching mannequins go at it.

    For your next Ice Cube review you should review TORQUE next.

  5. Eeeper says:

    TORQUE!?!Sweet Jesus, No!!! That films poster seared into my soul when it played in the cinema here. I swear I could feel the pointless MTV vibe from all the way across the foyer.

    As for Odin, well Fred, do you really HATE Mom that much that you would make her sit through that!?! No wait, stop! It’s hurting my head! I can’t..can’t…Ahh…Ahhh!

  6. Derek says:

    No way Eeeper, Torque is a perfect movie for Goob to review because it’s bad in the best kind of way. I actually have a friend who enjoyed it because he thinks that it doesn’t take itself too seriously what with its awful awful film physics. Whether they like or hate it there’re a ton of things in it to talk about plus you know, Ice Cube. Also it was out for maybe a week in theaters so it would fit nicely into a lot of the films that have already been reviewed.

    I agree though that Odin should not be inflicted upon Mom and that anime should be the exception to the rule for the show. That said, Mom should watch Akira.

  7. gooberzilla says:

    Torque is one of those films I’ve been meaning to watch for a long time, but everytime it nears the top of my Netflix list, I knock it back down, because I lack the stamina to willfully inflict that kind of cinematic pain on myself. I’ll get to it eventually, but the next episode will hopefully feature more of my semi-obscure, reptilian-related fare. I’m trying to make Mom watch Dragonslayer. She resists. Resistance is futile.

  8. dork says:

    Don’t bother with Akira. Like many movies that
    are based on long series, it’s condensed in
    a bad way. It’s almost as bad as the Utena
    movie. That said, if you must look for a
    feature anime film based on a series, choose
    Castle of Cagliostro or Urusei Yatsura:
    Beautiful Dreamer instead.

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