The Greatest Worst Movie EVER!

Despite it’s lack of both plot and character, Van Helsing is the Greatest Worst Movie EVER.

This film contains:

Not appearing in this film.

Mysterious Strangers…

He's super.  Thanks for asking.

Gay Werewolves…

DR 100 / anything

Practical Combat Outfits!



Hit it in its Weak-Spot for Massive Damage!


  1. Holy crap, two females, one podcast!?

    The world has just stopped turning, Paul, what have you done?

    Will listen to it further soon!

  2. Fantabulous episode, as always, Paul! Though, Kathryn–being the delightful diva that she is–didn’t give Katie much of a chance to speak. And, although I think your mom is awesome, Kathryn is my favorite of the cohosts.


  3. I love Kate Beckinsale almost as much as I love Jennifer Connely (although the latter is a much better actress)

    Anyways, I was thinking you should do an Aliens review. It’s got Bill Paxton and Michael Biehn! Instant winner!

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