His Royal Badness.

The Greatest Movie EVER!

Prince is the bomb-diggity, and Purple Rain is the Greatest Movie EVER!

This film contains:


Apollonia, not Vanity.

Prince loves his puppets.

Prince playing with puppets.

Morris Day knows what time it is.

Morris Day and Al Sharpton Impersonators.

Sunglasses of Ultimate Power!

Impeccable Eighties Fashion Sense.

400 Blows, eat your heart out.

The Greatest Freeze-Frame in Cinema History.



Guess who?

What’s big and metallic and voiced by Vin Diesel?

Join me and special guest host Chad “Winter” Clayton to find out.


  1. Daryl Surat says:

    That’s easy. Chad Clayton himself is big and metallic and voiced by Vin Diesel.

  2. Ivan says:

    Sean’s point about replacing nostalgia with actual appreciation for something is pretty damn deep. Case in point–Small Wonder (brought up by yourself) is not a great show. But, for some reason I love it because I can remember it.

    And, Iron Giant really is the GREATEST MOVIE EVER. One of my favorite animated films…

  3. Davedave says:

    Hey, Wierd Al is still cool. I may not be as crazy over him as i was at age 12, but I still enjoy his new CDs as they come out.

    Looking forward to Iron Giant, because I love that movie.

  4. Dave says:

    It took your asses long enough to record this!

    Sean’s referencing Weird Al seemed oddly appropriate too. I went through a similar phase when I was quite young. It’s good to know I’m not alone in my shame.

  5. Jeff Tatarek says:

    Another Weird Al nerd checking in. One of the first audio cassettes I owned back in grade school was “In 3-D”, and I’ve held the fandom up through the present day.

    “Small Wonder”, however, was unmitigated garbage and I hated it intensely even when it was first on television. It rubbed my proto-geek self very much the wrong way.

  6. Eeeper says:

    Purple Rain sounds like fun. I’m ashamed to say that I turned it off when it was on TV the other day.:(

    As for your upcoming review: “I no Gun. I Winter-Man!”

  7. Winter says:

    Heheh. It was an honor to talk about Iron Giant. Hopefully my performace is tolerable; I got a little nervous.

    Kind of a funny story surrounding Purple Rain. When I was looking over The List, I saw “Purple Rain” and I got it confused with “The Color Purple.”

    Pretty highbrow choice, I thought.

  8. gooberzilla says:

    You did just fine, Winter.

    Don’t think we’re knocking Weird Al. I think the man’s a musical genius, hands down. I just find it amazing that every male in my age bracket seems to have gone through a “Weird Al Phase” at about the same time-period, pre-adolescence.

    Also, UHF is quite possibly the Greatest Movie EVER! It’s hard to talk about comedies on the podcast, but maybe one day we’ll cover the film that gave us my personal hero, Conan the Librarian.

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