“Ninjas riding Polar Bears fighting Dinosaurs with Russians.”

The Greatest Movie EVER?

Serenity is a Movie, all right. It may be the Greatest Movie EVER, but I didn’t like it,

and Sean and Katherine deliver the appropriate savaging.

This film contains:

My Second Least Favorite Character

Too much River.

My two favorite characters.

Not enough Mal and Jayne.

Not Love, Actually.

A nice amount of Charming Assassins.


Han Solo?

Nate Fillion is the Man.



“You can’t hurt me with your pathetic Mind-Bullets!”


  1. talksteer says:

    Goob how can you not like this . I really dislike sci-fi but this was top notch stuff.I’ll agree the whole river thing was a ripoff and the black equilibrium ripoff guy was a bit lame , but seriously there wasn’t a whole lot to dislike in this movie.

  2. Kidder says:

    Goob, I’m surprised that you didn’t love Serenity. I always pegged you for a big sci-fi geek. I credit Firefly and Serenity for making me interested in Sci-Fi. I’d give Serenity a 3/5 rating and Firefly a 4/5 rating.

  3. Ivan says:

    Katharine and Sean? That’s like a tag-team of awesome…

    I’m kinda on the fence with Serenity. I think it’s a solid Sci-Fi movie, but It certainly ain’t a masterpiece.

  4. Drakonis says:

    Excellent show Goob. I completely agree that Rain was a completely uninteresting character. However I think that had more to do with the somewhat unique circumstances of the show rather than any failure on the part of the writers. If the TV series hadn’t been canceled I think that her character would have become more developed and far more interesting. As to the assassin’s supposed change of heart, I had a completely different take on it than the rest of you. You take the position that his change of heart was brought about by him witnessing the horror of what had happened on the planet. I believe that he knew what had happened all along and the damage this would do to the cause if it became public knowledge. The tears he shed upon seeing the video were tears of frustration at his own failure to complete his task and the inevitable failure of the cause, and not shed in sadness over what had happened on the planet. For him to stop going after the crew of the Serenity was completely in character for him. He was a monster and he knew it, he abhored his own actions and only engaged in such horrific acts because he believed in their necessity. His failure to complete his task couldn’t be undone, so there was no reason for him to do something he clearly found distasteful. Well, that’s my two cents. Keep up the excellent job guys!

  5. Chronocross_xp says:

    Ok, I am a browncoat but I really did liked your review. I was disappointed the wash died and I did not see that coming. I knew someone had to die on the movie and after Book, I thought well that was bad, but at least is over. However, when Wash died I truly thought that the rest would also die. Also, maybe you liked better the second time because it was so hyped the first time around, do not worry it will grown on you exponentially.
    I also felt on the category that watched Firefly if only because it made remember my favorite animes such as cowboy bebop, etc.
    Also the movie was suppose to be another entrance for everyone that wanted to enter to the Firefly fandom, also it was suppose to be the whole second season in less than an hour.

    Anyhow I will look forward to your next episode 😀

  6. Davedave says:

    oh baby, i can’t wait for some TETSUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  7. Dave says:

    My roommate and I actually bonded in highschool over Akira. To this day, he’s still Tetsuo in my phone, just as I am Kaneda in his.

    Good times.

    To add to Sean and Katherine’s tally, I too had not seen Firefly when I went to see Serenity and I thought it was AWESOME. And I haven’t seen it still, but I’m still pretty sure it’s AWESOME. I am so hardcore in love with Nathan Fillion that I’m watching Drive. Because of his input, Slither is easily quantifiable as the best movie ever.

  8. Jeff Tatarek says:

    I admire your honesty in saying you didn’t like Serenity at first, but came around after a second viewing–only not enough to proclaim it The Greatest Movie Ever.

    I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere for venom-filled hate mail, but if you get any I can’t wait to hear it on the show. Heck, I’d ever volunteer to read it in a clown voice.

  9. Pete says:

    I think the “River hate” may be a little disproportionate. I don’t think she is a blank slate – she knows who and what she is and always has done, she’s just mentally unbalanced and so cannot articulate it in a way that the others can understand. Through the movie, she makes obscure allusions to stuff that happens later, which makes repeated viewings kinda fun. It’s not the “amnesia” thing; it’s a bunch of people accepting someone into their midst without realising exactly what they are doing. We’ve all made bad friendships where we thought someone was on the up-and-up and they turned out to be a viper at your side. That’s what makes Serenity interesting for me. You have a bunch of outlaws who have murdered and maimed no small amount of people in their job. They take in a snooty doctor and a waifish girl who’s a bit loopy without asking any real questions. Then, that “helpless waif” reveals she is a far more terrifying killer than all of them. It’s unfair to criticise a movie just because you saw something coming. That does not automatically make it obvious or telegraphed; it may just mean you’re more perceptive because of your (I’m guessing encyclopedic) movie knowledge. I enjoyed Serenity enough to pick up the series, but I still cannot help liking Burst Angel (even though I know it’s not the best show out there) so this may invalidate all my comments 🙂

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