Big Mind Go Boom.

The Greatest Movie EVER!

Despite Mom’s waffling, Akira is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click here to see the winning entry in the “Make Mom Watch Akira” Contest.

Congratulations, Alain Mendez!

The new opening / closing music is an original piece called “I’m Real” by Violence Mars.

Click here for the full-length MP3. And click here to visit Violence Mars’s mySpace page.




OH NOES! We’re being invaded through the Interwebs!


  1. aaron says:

    Great show! Mom’s insights on Akira were pretty awesome. The Love Actually show should be a fun listen too! 🙂

  2. Cave Man Tom says:

    Man Akira’s awesome. I just might have to re-watch it this weekend.

    I must say, I have quite an affinity for the 2001 redub, as well.

  3. Kidder says:

    I still have much love for the original 80’s surfer dude “TETSUO!!!” and “KANEDA!!!” dub.

    To Mom: don’t worry if you didn’t understand Akira after watching it twice. I think I’ve seen it about 10 times and I still get lost after about an hour. Hell… I bet my mom would fall asleep after 10 minutes.

    Goob: I hate Hugh Grant almost as much as I despise Toby Maguire. “I’m so charmingly befuddled…”

  4. Ivan says:

    Never seen Akira…probably never will. I bow to M.O.M. to surviving the anime onslaught…

    What Paul has to look forward to:
    “Christmas is all around me, so c’mon and let it snow!”

  5. English Rob says:

    Have recently found your show and have quickly listened to every episode. You’re funny Paul, and apparently a fraction smarter than the average podcasting geekaloid.

    Keep the shows coming. You and your motley band of associates are providers of richly amusing homegrown filmdope.

    The Rob Who is English

  6. Sasquatch says:

    holy crap im famous. anyway thanks for the by proxy props to the art. love your podcast.

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