The Greatest Movie EVER!

Robosexual undertones aside, RobotJox is the Greatest Movie EVER!

This episode features guest host Jeff “Rich Lather” Tatarek from the Lather’s Blather Podcast.

This movie contains:

Alexander is crezy.

Crazy Russians.






What does this movie deserve?

Thumbs Up!




“Searching for Odin, my love?”


  1. Ian says:

    It also contains “tubies.”

  2. Chronocross_xp says:

    It looks so Go Nagai it must be awesome , right?

  3. Jeff Tatarek says:

    Alexander is probably crazy enough to be a Getter Robo pilot, but I’d say it’s more of a Takashi Imanishi vibe than Go Nagai.

  4. Craig Mcleod says:

    “Searching for Odin, my love?”


  5. Davedave says:

    ooh, i’ve seen this one. good film, and a good review. somehow the homoerotic undertones of crotch-chainsaws must have gone over my head when i saw it though…

  6. Ivan says:

    Although I’ve never seen it, I think the “pg” rating can be attributed to the relatively early stages of PG-13–which had only been around at that point for a couple of years.

    The MPAA was still in a transitional period, if you will.

  7. front-beat says:

    Haven’t seen this one , but have to say Rich sounds way too good to be on a podcast.He sounds like he should be giving out the 7 O clock news 🙂

    Keep up the good work Paul

  8. Kamon says:

    Hmm, they changed the cover for the DVD release. I liked the VHS cover better. 🙂

  9. Steve Harrison says:

    You know, I still wonder if there’s two versions of this movie. I recall watching it in a theater, I recall most of the scenes mentioned (I’ll NEVER forget the totally useless rocket into space part. it made no sense whatsoever, like it was an effect shot for a part of the script that was ditched but because they paid for the stuff they shoehorned it into the movie anyway)..but I really seriously am convinced it was somewhere around ’87 I saw it. I recall some article in Starlog and the discussion that ‘Robotech was hot, Transformers was hot, so we made a giant robot movie’ was the genesis.

    I agree with Jeff, when they did all the rod puppet stuff it had a very physical effect, nothing like things actually slamming into other things for that reality.

    Oh, the complaints about the concept? It DOES make sense if you take into account that the Robot Jox account for half of the military budget of each nationstate.

    Rollerball did it better. Man, that movie just echos like crazy nowaways.

  10. Jeff Tatarek says:

    I may just review Rollerball. Goob, do you have it in line?

  11. Steve Harrison says:

    Rollerball (the original one) is an amazing movie. I wish they’d do a 2 disc special edition with all the game footage, maybe a discourse on what exactly the rules were thought to be…and it’s the kind of movie that leaves you feeling “but…what happens NEXT?!” even tho in the context of the film ‘next’ doesn’t matter one bit.

    It’s funny that now I can understand the chant “Ganbare! Tokyo!”. And just how did Tokyo fit in the grand scheme of ‘Energy’, ‘Transportation’, ‘Luxury’, et al?

    it’s a theme. ‘surrogate for war’ movies. Or something.

  12. gooberzilla says:

    The original Rollerball is fantastic and Sean and I have been talking about doing it for months. It just hasn’t materialized yet. Jeff, if you want to cover Rollerball on your podcast as well, it’s cool. It’s a big Internet; we can share.

  13. Young Freud says:

    Well, front-beat, Rich is the guy who interviewed Tezuka and asked him that immortal question, “Are you, in fact, dead?”

    Also, seconding or thirding chainsaw-penis and Rollerball review. BTW, the whole “future sport as the surrogate for war” thing was largely influenced from Peter Watkins’ “The Gladiators”. In addition, when I was playing around with Second Life last year, someone there built an in-game lifesize replica of Alexander’s robot. The damn thing was HUEG.

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