California Speed LOLZ

The Greatest Movie EVER!

Despite a general absence of Stuntman Mike,

Vanishing Point is the Greatest Movie EVER!

No screen-caps this week. I forgot to borrow Sean’s DVD.

Instead, here’s a pic of Barry Newman putting the schnoz-lock on Charlotte Rampling.

Charlotte Rampling and Barry Newman

No woman can resist Barry Newman.


Lenny Nero & Mace

“Paranoia is just reality on a grander scale.”


  1. Oh yeah, man — noghing he does really has to do with the bet he made with the pusher. He would have gone through the entire thing regardless.

  2. You guys know that I’m the curmudgeon of the forum , however I cannot represent any hate towards this movie nor this episode.Both were totally awesome.

    On topic , I always thought the last scene was basically saying “Always fight , even if it is a losing battle”

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