Karate Invasion! “Did you see her triceps?”

The Greatest Movie EVER!

For those of you who didn’t get enough Fast Karate this Saturday,

Strange Days is the Greatest Movie EVER.

This podcast contains:

We will crush them yet!

Those Dino-hatin’ outlaws, Dave and Joel.

This movie contains:

Hit it.  Quit it.

The lovely Angela Bassett and the less-than-lovely Juliette Lewis.

This movie also contains:

Tim Sizemore in Strange Days.

Knife to a Gunfight.

Fabulous hair-styles.





  1. Ian says:

    Crimeny Red Dawn’s been on AMC ad nauseum lately.

  2. Thomas P says:

    God Goki. Why did I never listen to your podcast before sir? Awesome stuff sir.

  3. front-beat says:

    My internet router has just exploded due to this podcasts awesomeness.

  4. I can’t believe you guys trashed Juliette Lewis. You guys are nuts. I love Juliette. I love the whole heroin chic look. If the chick is thin and strung out on drugs, I’m there.

    Gangsters, drugs, lesbians, and racial tension in Los Angeles, no?!? How is this movie different from LA now? I’m going to make my yearly pilgrimage to LA in September, and I’m going to take tons of pictures for you guys.

  5. front-beat says:

    James , James , James : I guess you are forgetting the fashion trainwreck that Miss Lewis caused in the 90’s with this masterpiece.

  6. Thomas P says:

    OH GOD!!! She’s like a Predator only she’s not invisible; why is she not invisible?!?

  7. Daryl Surat says:

    I think the entire career of Juliette Lewis can be summed up as being “the killer’s girlfriend.” Are there movies she’s done where she’s NOT the killer’s girlfriend? To truly know would require I watch every movie she’s been in, which is asking too much.

    Now then, since your forums are devoid of discussion, I propose the following powerful topics:

    Proposition # 1: Paul Chapman claims to want “strong” female characters, but any characteristics he considers “strong” he also considers “male” because he is a terrible sexist (and therefore, qualified to do this podcast). As such, all would-be “strong female characters” are to him “men with breasts” / “genderless,” thus creating an endless yearning for the unattainable that he can complain about forever.

    Proposition # 2: CENSORED by Gooberzilla for fear of Katherine ending Daryl’s life. (Sorry, Daryl, that’s one place you just shouldn’t go.)

    Proposition # 3: In a desperate attempt to be seen as a maverick independent, Paul Chapman makes his decisions on whether to dislike movies based PRIMARILY on whether most people like them, and like movies based on whether most people dislike them. Karaoke Ninja is the same.

    Proposition # 4: All women named/potentially nicknamed “Kathy” end up dragging down nerd potential, and Joel better watch himself after seeing what happened to Paul.


  8. Daryl Surat says:

    Don’t you realize this sort of thing merely emboldens me? Now I know what the next episode title of AWO has to be.

  9. front-beat says:

    “Now then, since your forums are devoid of discussion”

    Uhmm , well I can’t keep posting 24hr’s of the day Mr Surat . Give it some time , it took D&J some time until they got a big(ish) forum crowd.

  10. Daryl, lets stop beating around the bush. Paul is just trying to disguise the fact that he’s a huge fan of Futanari.

  11. gooberzilla says:

    (He’s onto me. Release the Monofilament Wire Wielding Protoceratops!)

  12. Kidder says:

    oh shits! I remember seeing this back when I was but a young geek growing up in the Middle East. I could never remember what the movie was called, all I could remember was the kickass head-cam rig they made for the movie. Thank you Goob for reconnecting me with a small part of my childhood.

    Note: I just realised how much questionable material my parents let me watch…

  13. bishopcruz says:

    Glad to see you finally came around to loving this film. Would have loved to have been a guest host on this one. Still one of my all time favorite films. It is great.

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