Mauled by the Pedo-Raptor.

The Greatest (Worst?) Movie EVER!

Buckle on your Power Glove, because

The Wizard is the Greatest (Worst?) Movie EVER!

This film contains:

I dig the customized case.

Mime hands and the esoteric dodge.



That's a compromising position...




A movie with Dr. Mark Dacascos and President Lou Gossett Jr

facing off against an Angry Mr. Sun.


  1. Man, you guys missed how Tobey Maguire was Lucas’ friend at Video Game Armageddon, and the pipe balloons at VGA like in Commando!

    Still great.

  2. Pfft. You think you’re SO COOL, typing Mark Dacascos into Netflix and finding out about Solar Strike by pure accident.

    Well you’re NOT. Unless you got The Base (it says “from the director of Commando” right there on the cover!) first.

  3. Loknar64, at 25:56 into the podcast Sean explicitly mentions Tobey Maguire. I neglected to get a screen-cap, though.

    DensityDuck, we have not yet done “Over the Top”, but we plan to at some distant point in the future. We need more movies about arm-wrasslin’.

    I don’t remember exactly how I discovered Solar Attack. I think it just materialized in my mailbox one morning.

  4. For some reason I thought I remembered “Over The Top” being in your list. Where _did_ I see that? Odd.

  5. If you say one bad word about Le Tigre I will kick you through a wall, I swear to god.

    Is Over the Top the one with scorpions? If so A++

    But then, of course it is. How many arm wrestling movies are there?

  6. Great job, as usual guys.

    Danny D — your input was poignant: exactly what I wanted to hear.
    I hope you can do some more podcasts later.

    Granted you can put up with more of these movies.

  7. Also, is there a game with a non-magical whistle in it?

    Press B to activate whistle
    Description: makes a loud annoying sound

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