Boas from Bulgaria, Pythons from Philly.

The Greatest Movie EVER!
We may be opening the flood-gates when we state
that Boa vs Python is the Greatest Movie EVER!
This movie contains:
Underwater Bulgarians.
Don't take a bet with a Dolphin Girl.
She’s a scientist. No, seriously.
Bill Pullman x Hugh Jackman = ?
He’s a scientist, too. They’re all scientists.
He's got a PhD in Internal Human Studies.
Even the snakes are scientists.
This movie also contains:
Yes, I am popular DJ!  The crowds love me!
The fortuitous demise of the World’s Worst D.J.
Everyone knows that a Snake’s only natural enemy is a Crane…


  1. Kidder says:


  2. Eeeper says:

    Wow, this looks intellectual….

    Also about Karate Kid: “Finish Him!” YYYEESSS!!!

  3. Doczaius says:

    Were you actually questioning if reticulated pythons were an actual species or not in the beginning of this podcast? Because – if you were – they are, in fact, a species out of Southeast Asia and quite possibly THE LARGEST snake in the world. They are definitely the largest in that part of the world. The anaconda (from south america) often lays claim to the title “World’s Largest” as well. Its kind of a tossup.

  4. M. A. Wright says:

    Sweep the leg Johnny!

  5. Ian says:

    umm … put ’em in a bodybag Paul!?!

  6. gooberzilla says:

    I know reticulated pythons exist. I also know they do not get 100 feet long. I wasn’t sure of their geographical location, though.

  7. The Joel says:

    Pythons natural habitat is not in Philadelphia. Reptiles wouldn’t survive long in Philly, especially not large snakes because they move most easily in water. Some Schuylkill punch would probably end up killing the snakes. Our environment would save us from the snakes, a la war of the worlds.

  8. Buffalo Meat says:

    Bow to your sensei!! Man I can’t wait for the next movie.

  9. Eduardo M. says:

    I was going to ask nicely if we could all refrain from making “sweep the leg” jokes since they’re older than Adam, but I see someone already dove headfirst into that poolof temptation.

  10. DensityDuck says:

    Did MOM actually make a “Metal Gear Solid” reference? Because if so, that is pretty cool.

    PS if Denise Richards can be a nuclear physicist, then anything is possible.

  11. gooberzilla says:

    If she did, it must’ve been inadvertent. The only Snakes she knows are Snake Plissken and any snake that attempts to murder Ice Cube.

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