Accept no Imitations

Aim for the babies and the Boy Scouts, because Death Race 2000 is the Greatest Movie EVER!

I’ll throw some pics up later. This episode is super late. I was sick all weekend.

Many apologies for the inconwenience.


  1. Daryl Surat says:

    At Otakon they were giving away free T-Shirts for the new Death Race movie. Once I found out about this, my plan was going to be to get one for you as a souvenir and memento of Paul WS Anderson’s continued influence on your life. You could then wear the shirt for the movie to the movie as you saw it.

    Regrettably, they were all gone come Sunday.

  2. Ian Strope says:

    I recently saw this on TCM late night Friday. It was quite fun and the follow up Yor: The Hunter from the Future was also enjoyable.

  3. JerrKat says:

    I’m going check this film out, I didn’t even know that the new one was a remake.

    I’m in the theater watching the preview for the remake, thinking meh. When after the title card comes up, an older gentalman sitting a few rows in front of me say.
    “That looks cool. What film was that?”
    I was pretty sure he was being serious too.

  4. Ian Strope says:

    I don’t know it’s a Jason Stathem movie. But this one has Lovejoy what’s not to love? I mean it’ll be like Transporter meets Deadwood possibly with strippers and blackjack.

  5. Andrew says:

    Man, if the son of John Carradine can score in a movie there’s hope for us all.

  6. Keith says:

    re new Death Race: Yet again, it’s the “we’re as guilty as the makers of this show” lesson about watching violent reality TV. I just can’t learn that lesson enough. So I’m seeing it anyway, because it’s what I do.

    re the original Death Race 2000: Yep, pretty much. Put it on a double bill with Corman’s pseudo-followup, Death Sport, because you can’t pretend like your life wouldn’t be better after watching a horrible movie full of David Carradine in a loin cloth. Even Claudia Jennings can’t compensate for that.

  7. Eduardo M. says:

    God forgive for having not seen this film before the remake was made. Excuse me while I head over to Netflix to correct this gross oversight.

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