Orphanages and Bullies Don’t Really Exist.

Don’t drink the amber rum, because The Devil’s Backbone is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Review in a Nutshell: The Devil’s Backbone is a Gothic tale of injustice and inevitability set during the Spanish Civil War. Think of it as a primer for Pan’s Labyrinth, with less magic, more realism, and no Doug Jones.

This movie contains:

Inappropriate Relationships.

Friendly Ghosts.

Burn Victims.

Savage Children.


Mom and I take a crack at The Beast Must Die. Watch for the Werewolf Break!


  1. Eduardo M. says:

    I noticed Giib swore during the podcast and failed to cover it up. Took me completely by surprise. It will go done in GME history as your version of Spike’s “S-word” moment.

    On another note, I say embrace yuor nickname. Don’t shy away from it. Wear it as a symbol of power. Do not let someone else’s use of a handle discourage you. Embarce the Almighty Gooberzilla as your true name and an extesion of your true self.

    (Ok, I have got to stop watching Dune.)

  2. dsage says:

    When I read “Devil’s Backbone” I thought the movie you were reviewing was Airborn. Where a bunch of teens roller blade down a road called “The Devil’s Backbone”. I’m glad I’m wrong.

    Also, I love the show. Keep them coming.

  3. HaloJones-Fan says:

    So I guess that the Big Month Of Mark continues to get…uh, _monther_?

  4. HaloJones-Fan says:

    Having now listened to the podcast, I think that Sean’s comments about “rules not being scary” kind of goes back to your podcast about The Host. Back then, Paul was upset that the girl followed all the rules but got killed anyway, and Sean wasn’t as annoyed by it. So this is a further thing about that; Sean finds it more effective, emotionally, when there aren’t any rules–and if you follow all the rules but still die, then that’s just like “there are no rules”.

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