“Love is Fleeting, Power is Eternal!”

Are you a bad enough dude to wield the Glaive?  Whether you are or not, Krull is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Review in a Nutshell:  A fantasy film with science fiction elements mixed in, Krull overcomes a fairly formulaic narrative with the help of excellent production design and strong performances by the supporting cast.  It’s also surprisingly violent for a film with a PG rating.

This movie contains:

Gruesome Violence.

A Friendly Cyclops.

The Glaive!

WTF?  Fire-hands?  That’s not fair!


  1. Kevin says:

    Every time I flip past this on Encore or something I just have to sit back and watch

    Would love to hear your input on Real Genius

  2. James says:

    Ken Marshall went on to star in Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
    Krull rules!

  3. Eduardo M. says:

    Hey Paul, if you’re wondering what to get me for my bday in September, a glaive and one of those cool laser shooting spears would be nice.

  4. Todd C. says:

    I remember watching this movie in the theaters back in 1983 (I was six) and loving it. This came out the same year as Return of the Jedi so anything that was fantasy and/or science fiction my dad and I wanted to see. What was funny was that after the movie my dad asked me if I liked it and what was my favorite part. I told him that is cool and I liked the spider part (the stop motion spider was awesome). Looking back at it now I am very surprised that it did not scare me like Flash Gordon did. I think that because the antagonist and his minions were aliens (or did not look human) that I was fine with their deaths.

  5. Eduardo M. says:

    “I think that because the antagonist and his minions were aliens (or did not look human) that I was fine with their deaths”

    Careful Todd, that’s the kind of comment that could come back and bite you in the backside when the Visitors (or Celestials) come from space to judge mankind. They’ll be like “This Todd guy says its ok for non-humanlooking aliens to die. That’s it, we’re wiping these monkey-people into cosmic dust.”

    If any cosmic alien overlords are reading this, I’m cool with you. Spare me and I promise to serve you as your bad@$$ herald, ready to proclaim your glory to any lesser race I visit.

  6. Ian says:

    Nice. The Horner score really puts this movie in the rewatch for me. He had some great ones in the 80’s along with Battle Beyond the Stars and Star Trek II.

  7. Young Freud says:

    There was an Atari 2600 movie tie-in game in which was a cross between Breakout and Space Invaders, in which you use the Glavie to chip the wall holding Lyssa while killing Slayers. It was fairly decent for the time, but then again, I liked the E.T. game.

    On the PG rating, the Tanya Roberts movie “Sheena, Queen of the Jungle” had her do a full frontal nude scene. It was such shock when I was watching on cable awhile back.

  8. Meg says:

    Hooray! I missed Angel and George. Good to see them back. As for Krull, I can’t really give any opinions on it as I’ve never see it. It doesn’t really sound like something I’d really enjoy, but I might still check it out.

  9. Just wanted to comment on your PG-13 discussion. This film was rated PG because there wasn’t yet a PG-13 rating in place. PG-13 came about after movies like Temple of Doom and Gremlins so closely skirted the line between PG and R that a middle ground was deemed necessary. The first PG-13 film was Red Dawn in 1984.

  10. majikmarkerz says:

    Hey Paul, Nice review. Glad you finally got to see this movie. It’s a shame you didn’t see it as a kid. Keep the flavor going, and please review Lady Hawke. I was wondering if you could give your take on movie moratoriums in an upcoming show. Thank you, I’ve listened to every show for two years now.

  11. blondie_havoc says:

    Holy frick that dude’s scream as he falls from the bridge is epic…

    I love this movie something fierce. It’s like watching a game of DnD without the sweaty nerds and 40-sided die. I also love the sense of danger in this movie. Since all of the actors are unknowns, you don’t know who is going to die. It’s quite the adventure ride.

    It’s too bad fantasy movies don’t really get made anymore. Films like this and the one with Peter MacNicol whose title I forget are so fucking awesome (or at least were when I was 10).

  12. Firest says:

    Dragonslayer is the one with MacNicol in it.

  13. Martinez says:

    Haven’t seen this movie is a long long time and was FN’ awesome. It is good to see you watching and reviewing good old movies. Sidenote Angle and George are awesome and good to see them on the podcast again.

  14. Creaty says:

    Now that Krull has been done, on to “Flash Gordon”, I’m saying it but everybody is thinking it

  15. Michael says:

    I can’t believe no one notice that Liam Neeson is in this movie. He played Kegan (thank you IMDB), who I think is the guy who gets shot and falls off the bridge, screaming, inside the beast’s fortress.

  16. gooberzilla says:

    I’m pretty sure we mentioned Liam Neeson in the podcast when we were talking about all of the famous people in Krull. He’s definitely not the guy that gets shot off the bridge; rather, he gets nailed in a hallway and has a surprisingly poignant final speech.

  17. Jonas says:

    Does anyone know how large the beast is supposed to be? On thing about Krull is that is does not lend a sense of proportion between the beast and humans like Alien or Predaor do.

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