Square Pigs and Sexy Robots

Turn on your magnetic boots, because Space Truckers is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Review in a Nutshell:  Due to contributions from people as varied as Stuart Gordon and Hajime Sorayama, Space Truckers is light-years better than any low-budget, science-fiction adventure film has any right to be.  Its attention to detail and sardonic sense of humor make it a treat to watch.

This movie contains:

Square Pigs.

Pink Overalls.

Vernon Wells, Space Privateer.

The latest advancements in cybernetic male-enhancement technology.

Post Script:

This is what the good poster for Space Truckers looks like.


  1. Eduardo M. says:

    i forgotten about this movie. and before that, I thought this movie was a freaky dream I had after bad Mexican.

  2. Eduardo M. says:

    On another note, at first I thought the robots maybe Go Nagai creations. However, despite the fact they have great backsides, they didn’t have breast missiles. Plus, if Go Nagai was going to do anything, it would have been something having to do with school girl outfits and tentacles

  3. Andrew says:

    Well one of them did have tentacle innards that tried to molest Cindy.

  4. vichussmith says:

    What the f*ck!? Why does Firefly get stabbed in the middle of this podcast? Didn’t Fox do enough to that corpse? Oh, maybe you’re using Firefly as a stepping stool to elevate Space Truckers even more. I GET IT!

    BTW, you urge the audience to “go out and see this film.” What theater is this showing in? 😉 If this guy made Robot Jocks (it’s Jox, isn’t it?) I’m cool with renting this.

  5. Mr Noggy says:

    Sweet! This is one of many films I’ve been hoping you’d cover.

  6. Jeff Pizzle says:

    Cybernetic male-enhancements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    “Drink Florida Orange Juice and Go Gators!!”

  7. Ian says:

    Wait … is that the Freddy Mercury guy from Commando? I think this is one I must see.

  8. blondiehavoc says:

    Great review Paul and guest…

    Somewhat interesting story about Space Truckers. Back in the mid to late 90s, the local Kroger grocery store had a video rental section. I distinctly remember this film prominently displayed within the store. I didn’t rent it, not because I don’t love B movies (I do), nor because I hate Dennis Hopper (I love him), nor because I don’t enjoy the works of Stuart Gordon (I love his work), but because I found the title of the film and the front cover of the box to be utterly ridiculous. So I’m glad you commented on that somewhat at length in the cast. Damn that cover is awful.

    Anyway, great show. Your podcast is a weekly beacon in an otherwise dreary week of work, both graduate and regular.

  9. Firest says:

    Hmm, I barely remember watching this movie many years ago. Now I’m going to have to track it down again.

  10. I can’t remember what I watched first, this movie or Heavy Metal Queen. I noticed the similarities immediately and was pretty blown away.

    I poked around on Wikipedia and came across this little bit.

    “The character Otto was modeled after the character portrated by Bunta Suguhara in Trucker Yarou (“Trucker Guys”), a series of ten films from 1975-1979 directed by Noribumi Suzuki. The names of other trucker characters, including Love Machine, Sneaky Snake, and Spider Mike, originate from the 1978 film Convoy. The line “Breaker One-Nine,” stated in the episode by the character Victoria Terpsischore (V.T.), also originates from Convoy. Watanabe said that he liked watching Convoy and Trucker Yarou as a child.”

    Now I wonder if Gordon and Mann happened to pull from the same inspirations mainly Convoy and 70’s Trucker movies, and the correlation just ends rather than Space Truckers being a direct inspiration to the episode.

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