She’s got the Look.

Pack up your sleeping bags, because Sleepaway Camp is the Greatest Movie EVER! 

Luke “The Sasquatch” White is our guest camp-counselor on this slice of summer camp horror.  Please click the poster or the movie title to download the review.

Review in a Nutshell:   Thanks to clever directing and several symbolic artistic flourishes, Sleepaway Camp remains a shocking experience more than a quarter-century after its initial release.  It’s a rare example of a horror movie with a disturbing exploration of a theme. 

This movie contains:

The Look.

Burn Work.

The Arrow Gag.



Our Secret Halloween Theme concludes with the most horrifying zombie movie ever made.


  1. Oh my god… Forget about THIS movie. I’m more horrified by your coming “attraction”.

    That doesn’t look like A Weekend At Bernie’s! That looks like A Weekend At Bernie’s II! How horrifying! A movie so bad that I’ve never been able to even make it to the halfway point. And I actually liked the original.

    You guys are masochists if you actually intend to sit through Bernie 2.

  2. After hearing this podcast, I’m going to hunt this one down for sure. I’m getting to an age where I can appreciate Horror films, so this will be perfect for Halloween. Also, I’m really glad to see Luke back, I really enjoyed the Killer Klowns podcast; I’d really like to hear both Luke and Joel on the same podcast to see how they work of off each other. Great podcast!

  3. Eduardo M. says:

    For a minute there, i thought clicking on the poster was going to show the shocking ending. I think that ending that was one of the only times I ever screamed “What the %$#&” at the top of my lungs.

  4. guyalice says:

    While I still want to see this movie, it was completely spoiled for me by a YouTube link. It was just the last two minutes of the film, so I just saw the amazing twist without knowing any context what so ever. I sometimes like to terrify family and friends by giving them Angela’s final stare.

  5. Yeah definitely sounds like Wet Hot American Summer. I always assumed it was a homage to something more than just Meatballs.

    Hudson Hawk? Fund It.

  6. ian says:

    W@B II! Heck yeah! Man these semi-obscure horror films you are doing are giving me good ideas about stuff to check out, thanks.

  7. Never seen “Sleepaway Camp”, but after this review I really need to find a copy! 🙂

  8. Keith says:

    “Midriff shirts/nipple bras”

    They’re called football t-shirts, sir. And they were fantastic.

  9. Jojevis says:

    This movie also contains SURPRISE PENIS!

  10. theConundrumm says:

    five minutes in i wanted to switch this off… yet somehow i ended up watching the whole thing… why… WHY..? truely a masterpiece.

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