State of the Podcast Address

The Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast is in the process of moving to a new hosting service, one that can handle the kind of traffic that we attract.  This process is going to be a bit painful and will take a while to complete.  I have to re-upload all of the episodes to Libsyn, and there are limits on the number of files I can upload per month.  Until the switch-over is complete, there will be a lot of broken links, and the Archives page will be disabled.  Some of the podcasts will still be available for download through the updated RSS feed, but some will give 404 File Not Found errors.

UPDATE:  The Archives are now arranged alphabetically and feature all of the episodes that are currently uploaded and working.  All links in the WordPress weblog postings are still broken.

We will have everything up eventually, and we’ll still be trying to update with new content during the process.  We appreciate your patience during this difficult move.


-Gooberzilla and the GME! Podcast Crew


  1. ian says:

    Great image from a superb scene from a superb show. Good luck and thanks again for the great podcast.

  2. nemkoni says:

    I’m sorry for downloading all your achives. But I regret nothing. Except watching Tank Girl.

  3. Eduardo M. says:

    This is ironic. I just saw this episode last weekend.

  4. wayintothe7thart says:

    Sorry to head that Gooberzilla. I hope you & and your Co-hosts making past this hard time and make more ep. Because I waiting for more Angel & George, Katherine get more team-up (especial with Sean, Angel & George, AND DARYL SURAT), and MOM & Sean picking the movies to watch. Plus Clarissa, Viga, and the Ninja Consultant haven’t got there shot yet. So once more good luck with guys. Oh, and that scene make me think you pimping yourself for that podcast money, if so Mike Dent maybe on something.

  5. Jerane A. says:

    You have a crew?

  6. Firest says:

    Well damn, I thought for a second there that you had actually reviewed Black Lagoon, that will teach me to get my hopes up.

    Any chance for a “Make Mom watch Black Lagoon” contest?

  7. Libsyn has an upload limit per month? No wonder it took such a long time for Fast Karate to re-upload all of their old episodes.

    Good luck, Goob. We’ll keep listening.

  8. gooberzilla says:

    Yeah, Libsyn’s most expensive option allows for 1.5 gigabytes of data to be uploaded a month. I’ve had my account for two days and already used about 90% of my monthly quota re-uploading stuff.

    I don’t really have a crew, unless you count the coconut monkey sitting on my kitchen counter as part of the team.

  9. Thomas P says:

    Anything we can do to help Goob? I know AWO is doing donations so I’m wondering if we could do anything to help out you and the rest of the crew.

  10. Best of luck on the move, Paul. Hope everything works out great.

  11. ian says:

    I just saw the trailer for the 3rd “proper” Universal Soldier movie. I think that a 3 part podcast on these movies could be great … possibly greatest?

  12. Chris (HC) says:

    Good luck with all the changes and I hope it works out for the better.

  13. Steve says:

    any chance you can get Legen and Labryinth podcasts up soon?
    I told a friend of mine about your wonderful insights, and we want to watch these movies but first want to give your podcasts a listen.

    I know its tough and the last thing on your mind. I’ll be happy to wait. Just figured i would ask, if you have a choice in what goes up first.

    Love the show

  14. gooberzilla says:

    I uploaded Labyrinth and Legend per Steve’s request. They can be accessed through the Archives and the feed now.

  15. Kurt says:

    Long time listener first time writer etc etc.

    Stumbled onto Goob and the gang when looking for a Ghost in the Shell podcast.

    I find my self a fan of good anime and I do not recognize this pic.

    Just what anime is this pic from?

    Oh and keep up the great work, MOM and Sean are gold.

  16. Joe says:

    Kurt, the pic is from Black Lagoon. It is excellent. You should watch it.

    And Paul, because of your show I converted to liking Tank Girl and I convinced several others to do the same just last night. I wish you luck in your endeavor and, like wayintothe7thart above me, wonder if there is any way we can help.

  17. Firest says:

    The pic is from Black Lagoon, which can be best described as a Quentin Tarentino movie in a twenty-four episode anime, the manga is up to volume nine and still ongoing.

  18. Kurt says:

    Awesome thanks Firest : D

  19. Jim says:

    We’ll wait it out. AWO posts less and I forgive them when ever a new episode drops. If you take a month or two you are still ahead of them.

    We still love you AWO

  20. Ryan says:

    All I want for Christmas is a new GME podcast!

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