GME! Anime Fun Time #25 – Gasaraki


It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and what could be more in the spirit of friendly athletic competition than a muddled Sunrise mecha anime with a weak narrative focus and disturbingly xenophobic undertones? CLICK HERE or on the banner above to download our review of Gasaraki, a 1998 science fiction TV anime with direction by mecha master Ryosuke Takahashi. In it, we talk about the price of wheat, clunky robots with sand in their joints, and HOLY CRAP! ALIENS!.

Another work of staggering, artistic brilliance…

Sasquatch Rides a Harley
It’s true. Sasquatch Rides a Harley is now available. These stories have been known to make the angels weep.
Well, maybe it wasn’t the stories so much as the savage pummeling with a Wiffle bat. Regardless, I’ve published a new collection of stories on the Amazon kindle store, and these are even better than the last batch.

Check it out HERE or by clicking on the awesome image illustrated by Edmund Dansart above.

Bonus Content: Dan O’Bannon’s Guide to Screenplay Structure


In this special bonus episode, I’m joined by Diane O’Bannon and Matt Lohr to discuss the upcoming book, Dan O’Bannon’s Guide to Screenplay Structure.

Click on the cover or the title above to tune in for a discussion of the craft of screenwriting.

The book is available for preorder HERE.

Guest Spot on The Info Zombie Podcast!

Hey, everyone.  Carl Boehm of The Info Zombie invited me to talk about John Carpenter’s Halloween and the challenges of horror literature.

CLICK HERE or on the graphic above to check it out.

Interview with The Info Zombie

For the benefit of those who don’t follow the Facebook and Twitter feeds, HERE is  a link to my interview with Carl Boehm over at The Info Zombie.  The subject is the craft of writing, as well as my first collection of short stories, Porn Gnomes and Other Strange Tales.

A work of staggering, artistic brilliance…

Well, maybe not.  But I wrote a book.  It’s a collection of short stories, and it’s available now on Amazon in the Kindle Store.

Click HERE or on the cover below to check it out.

Special thanks go out to Edmund Dansart for his awesome cover art.  Thanks, Ed!

Bonus Content: Catch-22


While I’m working on editing this week’s GME episode proper, have a little bonus content to tide you over.  Once again I make a guest appearance on Jon Brescia’s book club podcast, this time talking about Joseph Heller’s classic novel of war and paranoia, Catch-22.  Click on the book cover or title above to download the discussion.

Bonus Content: Foucault’s Pendulum

I’m busy this week with homework and magazine deadlines, so instead of a normal GME! episode, I’m posting a link to my guest appearance on Jon Brescia’s book club podcast, in which Jon and I discussed Umberto Eco’s deconstructionist conspiracy theory novel, Foucault’s Pendulum.  As usual, spoilers abound.  Click on the book cover or title above to download the podcast.

New Stuff Going Down.

Hey everyone. No GME! Podcast this week. I’ve been sick and haven’t been able to record anything. However, I was able to complete the launch of a sister project, The Silicon Chickens Project, a new podcast featuring original works of fiction written and performed by me. Feel free to check out the first two episodes at:

State of the Podcast Address

The Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast is in the process of moving to a new hosting service, one that can handle the kind of traffic that we attract.  This process is going to be a bit painful and will take a while to complete.  I have to re-upload all of the episodes to Libsyn, and there are limits on the number of files I can upload per month.  Until the switch-over is complete, there will be a lot of broken links, and the Archives page will be disabled.  Some of the podcasts will still be available for download through the updated RSS feed, but some will give 404 File Not Found errors.

UPDATE:  The Archives are now arranged alphabetically and feature all of the episodes that are currently uploaded and working.  All links in the WordPress weblog postings are still broken.

We will have everything up eventually, and we’ll still be trying to update with new content during the process.  We appreciate your patience during this difficult move.


-Gooberzilla and the GME! Podcast Crew