Sean Totally Stole My Pun

Hold onto your hatchets, because Deep Red is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie poster or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring Sean “Hollywood” Hunting.

Review in a Nutshell:  A suspenseful film with beautiful composition but a somewhat surreal plot, Deep Red is considered by many to be the pinnacle of the giallo subgenre.

Fun Fact:

This is an onager.  It’s actually from Asia, not Africa.


  1. InvidNinja92 says:

    Being a massive fan of Italian cinema from this time period, I am ashamed to admit I have still not seen a single Argento film, despite me knowing the works of Fulci, Martino, Mattei and the like fairly well. As a side note, whats with the lack of comments here? People just can’t handle the true power of Italian insanity? The fools.

  2. Eduardo M. says:

    The guys who made the poster have it got it all wrong.

    You wanna terrify me, just tell me Micheal Bay wants to remake another of my childhood favorites

  3. Óscar says:

    That corpse actually looks a bit like Argento, so maybe the artist had a sense of humour or was underpaid.

    I have seen some other Argento’s films and now I’ll watch this one. ‘Tis pity he has spent so many years without producing something as good as Suspiria or even Phenomena.

  4. Final Furyk says:

    I love it when you do a podcast with Sean simply because you’re covering a movie I either love or have an interest in seeing. No offense intended to your mother, sisters or any of the other guest hosts but whenever you and Sean do a movie I inevitably end up tracking the film down or watching something similar.

    I love Italian horror films. If you go through some other giallo films, I’d suggest watching Fulci’s House by the Cemetery or The Beyond, Bava’s Bay of Blood or Black Sunday, and if you’re willing to watch Argento again I’d say go with Opera or Inferno. I don’t believe either of the Argento film’s are among his best, but I find them some of his most interesting ones and I’d love to hear your opinions on those in particular.

  5. mctron says:

    Paul you remember when in the wizard episode you said you where only good at Dragon warrior which is now known as Dragon Quest. So it is one of the biggest rpgs in japan

  6. mctron says:

    for the episodes on the website can you add a random episode picker I think that it would be cool to listen to a random episode

  7. timeliebe says:

    Paul, re-listening to you and Sean’s DEEP RED podcast – with the hindsight between listens of having bought and watched the Blue Underground Blu-Ray. The PROFUNDO RUSSO version makes it clearer that Marcus and Gianna are, in fact, having an affair: There’s a brief dialogue scene where Marcus comes out of a bathroom while she’s talking to him while putting his shirt back on; they end an argument later parked in front of her apartment building with her saying “You want to come up?”, him saying “Sure”, and then both comically struggle to get out the sun roof of her car; and right before the climax Marcus decides to move to Morocco, and he invites Gianna to come live with him there, which she joyfully accepts. While there’s no even television-level sex or make-out scenes, it’s clear Marcus is sleeping with her, and part of her later attitude is her insecurity about how serious he is about her – which makes Gianna’s character a bit more appealing, and Marcus’s repeated tagging her for detective-stuff more of a couple’s thing.

    The longer version also shows the Roman police, while not exactly incompetent, are more concerned with lunch breaks and press conferences than with crime-solving. I’ll need to re-watch again, but I think there’s even offhand references to a municipal strike which includes much of the police force, which is why Marcus and Gianna are pretty much left to their own devices!

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