‘Expertise and Child for Rent’

Get ready to walk the Road to Hell, because Shogun Assassin (aka Lone Wolf and Cub) is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the British DVD cover or the title above to download our review of the film,

featuring Sean “Hollywood” Hunting.

Review in a Nutshell: A mash-up of the first two Lone Wolf and Cub films, Shogun Assassin stands on its own merits thanks to its original contributions, such as the weird electronic soundtrack and Daigoro’s voice-over. It’s an excellent introduction into the world of chanbara and jidaigeki films.


  1. K-Money says:

    I kind of want to hear more podcasts with you and Sean talking about Kazuo Koike adaptations. I think a bonus podcast about Mad Bull 34 could be beneficial.

  2. timeliebe says:

    YES!!! I just got the 30th Anniversay Blu-Ray of this!

  3. timeliebe says:

    That should be “anniversary”….

    PS TO PAUL: Where did I say I thought PHANTOMS was a film version of WATCHERS? Having read both, I know they’re separate books – and I far prefer WATCHERS, largely because of Einstein the Golden Retriever. (Tammy and I lifted his line “Home is where the weenies are” for an issue of WHITE TIGER….)

    I do remember a comment where I mentioned three different versions of WATCHERS – the original Corman version which had zip to do with the book (but had Michael Ironside in it!), a more faithful but very dull version of the movie (with Mark Singer, I think), and a third version that ended up on television (again, I think).

  4. why doesn’t Paul put up the podcast on youtube?

  5. Troyfeihung says:

    Check Gza’s Liquid Swords if you want to hear a thread of Shogun Assassin samples interwoven thru the entire LP. Real Hip Hop at it’s finest.

    “My father would come home, he would forget about the killings
    He wasn’t scared of the Shogun, but the Shogun was scared of him
    Maybe that was the problem”

    Haven’t listened to this podcast yet but just saw it pop up in my downloads section of itunes. Hyped to hear yall thoughts since I own this and all of the AnimEigo releases. Wanted to get all of he uncut Lone Wolf series but couldn’t pony up the coin.

    Just peeped, Journey to the West that Stephen Chow directed. It’s a prequel of the novel. Since you liked Kung Fu Hustle, I think you’d dig the humor of Journey. Reco, final scene is worth the price of admission alone. Very well done.

    Stay Frosty and keep doing kung fu and Hong Kong cinema podcasts please. One of Johnnie To’s gr8 films ,Exiled, is available on Netflix instant. at the moment, to let supporters of this genre know.

  6. gooberzilla says:

    I’ve thought about doing something with the podcast on Youtube. I’ve even put up a couple of clips from various episodes, but it’s a lot of work and there really needs to be some sort of visual component to go along with the audio.

  7. timeliebe says:

    Paul – just record you recording the podcast live and put THAT up on YouTube! 😀

    That’s what Cali Lewis used to do, bloopers and all, with GEEKBRIEF….

  8. BongGoD says:

    First time,Long time,thank you guys for doing this film!!!,the only reason I knew of this was because of Liquid swords album!!! I’ve seen only the shoguns assassin version of the film and am looking foreword to the Japanese versions! Thank you Paul and Sean!!

  9. Wait, wait , wait….. won’t do Mad Bull because it isn’t a movie?!?! What about THREE seasons of MLP?

  10. timeliebe says:

    That’s – different, Rachel. Paul wants to do three seasons of a cartoon series aimed at pre-teen girls…. :p

    He also explicitly puts them out as “Special Episodes”, like he did the Skin-Crawling Comics roundtable you all did….

  11. Oh yeah, Skin Crawling Comics…by the way everyone, new perk involving your choice of a GME movie is back as a perk on the crowdfunding.

  12. timeliebe says:

    Ow! $100 is a bit steep for me right now, as I’m on Unemployment, Rachel…. 😦

  13. Tim – yeah, sorry. Gotta meet that goal. But hey, there are lots of other perks in your price range. I’ll write you a fanfic plus a digital copy of the book for $15. 😀

  14. VichusSmith says:

    “Tarantino needs an editor” He did have an editor, but she died recently. I think it was around the time of Inglorious Basterds. So yeah, maybe he needs one now, but she was his longtime editor.

    Bringing tragic reality to throwaway cliche phrases.

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