Break out the impromptu guitar jam sessions, because Phantasm is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie poster or the title above to download our review of the film,

featuring Tom Pandich of Tomics! by Tom!!! and the Alter Ego’s podcast.

Review in a Nutshell: Phantasm is a shining example of that rarest breed of horror film – the horror movie that functions on a symbolic level. Strange, dream-like, and surreal, it’s a movie that constantly challenges the viewers’ expectations.



  1. timeliebe says:

    I unironically love this movie – in a lot of ways it’s like APOCALYPSE NOW, in that it started out as something generic…and evolved into a waking nightmare.

  2. Me too. Again, its in my top three horror films ever. I wrote collegiate papers on this film because it has so much good in it. Please give this movie a watch!

  3. Can’t believe I’ve never seen this movie. It just escaped me, I guess. Gonna have to check it out.

  4. timeliebe says:

    And deservedly so, Tom! It’s a classic of its kind – and I don’t know WTF iTunes isn’t downloading you and Paul’s podcast of it, because I desperately want to hear it.

    CultureCast-Z – yes, see this. It is a triumph of invention and dream logic over a tiny budget – it was shot for $50K, so the rumor goes, but it looks better than a lot of major motion pictures of the period, and is one of my favorite horror/SF movies ever.

  5. timeliebe says:

    It’s on Netflix – DVD-only, but it’s worth it.

    Or you can purchase the DVD for $8.64 with Amazon Prime – but there’s still no Blu-Ray, for some insane reason….

  6. Seth says:

    I always thought the “blood” of the Tall Man was supposed to be embalming fluid to fit with his whole motif as a mortician/image of the death industry in America.

  7. Patrick says:

    Although, like Paul, I’ve never actually seen Phantasm up to this point (though Paul has now seen it), my wife LOVES this movie.

    I wanted to let both Paul and Tom that even though you’ll probably never come to Fayetteville Arkansas, we actually have a drive-in theater! It’s the 112 Drive-In, and you can find it online.

  8. timeliebe says:

    Seth – yeah, that kind of what I thought, too. Only it really looked more like dijon mustard than embalming fluid – which is probably what it was, actually!

  9. timeliebe says:

    PS: Paul, thank you and Tom for talking about RED SONJA: LEGENDS on your podcast! It’s a four-part graphic novel with episodes written by various female authors around a framing story written by Gail Simone, not a short story collection – so yeah, Tammy’s going back to writing comics, only this time for Gail who she’s a huge fan of!

    You can see the list of authors in this blog post from The Mary Sue blog.

  10. Aaron Montgomery says:

    The summer of 1990 I worked at a pizza place down the street from my house. Across the street from the pizza place and just down a bit, was a drive in with a screen on each side. One night after work I went into the grocery store next to the drive in, bought a big ass apple juice and stood in the parking lot of the grocery store and watched Total Recall and Blind Fury.

  11. Nathan says:

    Phantasm and Videodrome as 2 of the greatest horror movies ever… these dudes know what’s up!

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