“Who’s the Master?”

You’ve got the Glow, because Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the DVD cover or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring Sean “Hollywood” Hunting.

Review in a Nutshell: The Last Dragon is an uneven movie. Half musical, half martial arts journey, the film suffers from a weakly-written protagonist played by a talented young athlete with no previous acting experience. It falls to the supporting cast – especially Julius J. Carry III as Sho’Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem – to carry the film.


  1. Marc Nix says:

    At long, long, long last!!

    Thanks for trying not to hate. I had a very extraordinary experience watching The Last Dragon with a group of folks long since dispersed, so I can never revisit this film (it’s unfair to have to filter out an Ernie Reyes Jr. performance from your go-to library, but I can’t ruin the memories.) I have been curious what the GME feeling would be since I’ve heard others have had oddly similar communal bonding moments with The Last Dragon and yet I still know in my heart that it’s a mess. But it seems like in rare, magical moments in time it just hits you with that Glow and The Last Dragon becomes The Greatest Movie EVER.

  2. finalfuryk says:

    Weird that it cuts out five minutes in.


  3. timeliebe says:

    Oh, THE LAST DRAGON movie was epic, Paul! Asian martial arts philosophy getting the piss taken out of them by a Blaxploitation-level cast, Vanity at her most alluring as the love interest, the hero achieving The High-Pro “Glow” as a mark of his true martial arts prowess, and a martial artist lead who sure had moves and an engaging personality but couldn’t act his way out of a wet paper bag. (I’m not kidding – he used to do a martial arts movie show on NYC leased access that Tammy and I watched, and his hosting skills made Chuck Norris seem like Sir Alec Guinness!)

    That promotion you did recently, and working on SKIN-CRAWLING COMICS, really seems to have gotten you to step up your game, Paul. You’re doing a lot of great B/Exploitation/Cult movies in recent weeks, and it’s very welcome to hear you sounding engaged in the show again.

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