Paul Rudd Amnesia

Enjoy some delicious Coca-Cola, because Mac and Me is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie poster or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring Sean “Hollywood” Hunting.

Review in a Nutshell: One part crass product placement, one part shameless E.T. rip-off, one part existential horror movie, Mac and Me is an unlikely children’s film that needs to be seen to be believed. While indubitably a bad film, both Sean and I agree the film gets a disproportionate amount of hate.



  1. timeliebe says:

    I tried watching this on cable, Paul – and I’d say it gets just the RIGHT amount of hate. It’s on that “Movies They Torment You With In Hell” triple-bill – along with AUGUST RUSH and ARMAGEDDON.

  2. gooberzilla says:

    At least Mac and Me doesn’t have a schmaltzy Aerosmith song to accompany it.

  3. timeliebe says:

    Hmm – Arrowsmith Power Ballad and sub-on the one hand, blatant product placement for Coca-Cola, Skittles, Sears and McDonalds on the other….

    I’d say they both suck equally.

  4. timeliebe says:

    Heh – that comment was supposed to start, “Hmmm – Arrowsmith Power Ballad and sub-Objectivist anti-tax nonsense on the one hand….”

  5. I remember when my mom rented this for my younger brother and sister one time way back in the late 80s. I missed the first viewing of it, but they rewatched it that same weekend so I watched it with them. It remains the only time I have ever seen it, but several parts of it stick out clearly in my memory. I specifically remember the McDonald’s stuff, the bubblegum chewing, and the infamous wheelchair over the cliff sequence. I don’t remember any of the family stuck in the desert stuff, but it sounds absolutely horrifying.

    Paul, like you I was also terrified of ET as a child. ET came out the year I was born, and I probably watched it when I was four or five years old. We had a VHS copy of it that I remember was molded in green plastic instead of the usual black. I don’t remember why that was, or why that sticks out in my memory at all. I do remember putting the covers over my head every time ET was on screen and then being mercilessly taunted by my older brother for that.

  6. Leave it to Paul to empathize with the crappy looking alien.

  7. Surprised there wasn’t a discussion on the infamous “McKids” line of children’s clothing available at Sears! I remember those days unfortunately.

    I only saw this movie once, either on video or some TV channel and nothing more. I suppose I thought it was OK but didn’t think beyond the goofy story, odd directorial choices and product placement ploys employed. It certainly was going for E.T. levels of popularity and achieved none. At least E.T. had a story that stayed with me the first time I saw it when I was 4 or 5! This one just seems so bizarre and put-together and it’s only grateful we never saw anything new came out of it (even if it was short segments on a TV show that might’ve helped).

    Only recently I saw what the trailer for the film was like and should’ve guessed it had something to do with McD’s and their attempt to fund a non-profit organization on the side. Makes a whole lot of sense now, though it’s a shame box office proved it’s fate anyway. The movie didn’t even garner cult status on home video, as least that I can tell (Orion didn’t really had that many hits did they?). I suppose I may have to watch it again to see what I can get out of it as a grown-up nearing his 40’s.

  8. Matt S. says:

    I haven’t listened to this review yet, so I may say things you two express in the review. Someone in the comments has already mentioned how, like you, ET frightened them as a child. It did me as well. That corn field scene still freaks me out in retrospect. When i saw this it similarly scared me. These aliens puppets they made in the 80s are weird looking man. I never knew this was a McDonald’s ploy. Shit that makes too much sense. The only scene I remember from this movie took place in a McDonald’s. I have to say I’m very curious to see how you find redeeming qualities in this film. The movie Alien scared me as a kid, but I can always go back and watch it and enjoy it. This, I’m not so sure. Have a good day Paul and Sean, and thanks for the awesome podcast.

  9. Paul says he was frightened by the scene in which ET pretends to be a toy, because it made him think that his toys were alive and only holding still when he was in the room.

    Were your horrors elevated when you saw Toy Story, Paul?

  10. timeliebe says:

    I have a friend who collects teddy bears and Godzilla figures, Paul – when I stay in her guest room, there are shelves and shelves of teddy bears and Godzillas staring at me as I sleep….

    Bet you’d LOVE to stay there!

  11. gooberzilla says:

    I have some Godzilla figures and stuffed animals in my room, too.

    But I don’t trust them. They’re clearly plotting something.

  12. timeliebe says:

    Paul – Tammy says “Of course they are. The whole point is for you to outwit them….”

    This is one of the many reasons Bruce Coville (who comes over so he can Tammy can read what they’ve written today to each other) sometimes looks at her and says, “It’s such an – interesting place in Tammy-Land….”

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