GME! Anime Fun Time Episode #07 – Macross Plus


November is coming to a close, and while we all congeal like so much leftover turkey gravy, it’s time for some more anime fun. We tackle Macross Plus with special guest hosts Andrew from Collection DX and Sean Ryan from Alpha Counter. CLICK HERE or on the DVD cover above to download our review of the film, which features in depth discussion of Macross legal wrangling and our speculations on which Macross series is the best for introducing new people to the franchise.

Final Thought:


My Little Murderous A.I. Can’t be This Cute.


  1. timeliebe says:

    Can’t wait to DL and hear this, Paul! 🙂

  2. Daryl Surat says:

    I can’t really buy into the “movie” being better than the “OAV” version at all. It’s a movie that is culled together almost entirely from pre-existing footage, with a few short scenes added (most all of which I like) and a whole lot taken out. As such, “the movie was the only version available” argument is a bit of a head scratcher; the OAVs had to all come out first!

    I do have issues with movie compilations in general, to be fair. They only work if there is lots of footage in the original that can be excised without losing anything, and Plus doesn’t have much in the way of fat to trim. Arguments over whether those cuts are contextually better require you first have the context of the original to compare against. That’s why I would never, ever, ever recommend to anyone that they watch the movie version first or as a viable alternative to the 4-part OAVs. The ideal version for me would be the OAVs with the extra movie footage spliced in, but that’s a fan edit thing only which you can’t easily get to people.

    I interviewed the director, Shinichiro Watanabe, around the time when the Japanese Blu-Rays came out for Otaku USA magazine. For him, Macross Plus was defined by getting into constant fights with Shoji Kawamori, which is in many ways how the Isamu/Guld dynamic was born.

  3. Invid Ninja (Oli) says:

    What can I say, fantastic show guys.

  4. Mark A. says:

    Count me as another one who prefers the OAVs to the movie. In terms of Plus as an “introductory anime,” for awhile the argument was a movie would be an easier, less nerdy sell to a Normal Person versus a four-episode miniseries, but I think that’s less salient in a world where serialized dramas that require the viewer to keep track of character arcs and subplots from episode to episode are enjoying a renaissance.

    In retrospect I love Macross Plus as a triumph of worldbuilding. That is to say, here you get a tightly focused side story with smaller, more personal stakes that nevertheless inhabits the world created by its parent property while simultaneously enriching it with extra detail and nuance. Plus flies in the face of the idea no one cares about smaller stories in SF universes.

    It’s also a rare respite from spin-offs that retell the story of their parent property in palette-swapped circumstances with a different cast of characters. Breaking free from that cycle is something Macross’ robot anime contemporary, Gundam, has rarely — with notable exceptions in the late 80s/early 90s as well as just recently — tried to do.

  5. Ryan Drouillard says:

    I used to be huge into Macross, but it’s been a while since I’ve been part of the fandom. This podcast at leat gives me the itch to watch Mac+ again. However, I guess I can still count myself as a Macross fanatic in that i was getting irritated with all the small mistakes Paul was making (wrong years, confusing DYRL continuity with main, etc) and Sean using the RT vernacular for Valkyries.

    And thanks to Andrew for filling us in on the new Macross series in development. I don’t roam MacrossWorld anymore so I had no idea that there was anything new from the franchise since Macross 30

  6. Sean Ryan says:

    Whew! I was starting to feel like the odd man out in preferring the OVAs. Macross Plus is a great way for folks to dip their toes into Macross and the movie edition is good folks who only want the gist of just that. I’m with Daryl 100% on being interested in seeing a fan cut.

    There are some more things I wished we could have gotten into, but couldn’t because of time. Things like the influences from California and test aircraft of the time, the PSX Game Edition, and other comparisons between the OVA and movie editions. Maybe another time in another podcast…

  7. DensityDuck says:

    Daryl: I’d agree with you *except* that the movie re-cuts the story so that it makes a little more sense. In the OVA, Isamu’s plane gets smashed into the ground and he walks away with dirt on his face, but a single rifle round and he has to go in the Black Goo Regeneration Tank. The movie at least accepts the reality that smashing your plane is a bad thing.

    I also appreciate that the movie doesn’t try to make us accept the ultra-cliche story where Isamu is the worst jerk in the whole galaxy and that’s why they make him the chief test pilot. And by putting Guld’s flight-test sequence later than Isamu’s, it lets them tell a story where there were actually consequences for Isamu being all stunt-pilot during his test flight (skywriting, ignoring test plans, buzzing the control tower) whereas in the OVAs it’s just like “oh that Isamu, whatcha gonna do, kids these days I tell ya”.


    I remember watching this in college clubs, during the Nineties, and everyone going nuts when we got ahold of a crappy fansub of the fourth episode.

  8. VichusSmith says:

    You can, however, bring up Beast Machines on the GME podcast as muuuch as you’d like! 🙂

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