Shine On, You Crazy Psychics


Hold onto your neurons, because Push (2009) is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie poster or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring Clarissa from Anime World Order.

Review in a Nutshell: Push (2009) is a high concept action / science fiction film with surprisingly well realized characters and some genuinely entertaining moments. With a little tighter editing, it could have been a fun little cinematic gem, but as it stands its more a diamond in the rough.

Final Thought:




  1. timeliebe says:

    I tried watching this on cable once – and wasn’t sure WTF I was watching.

    I’ll be intrigued to hear your comments to tell what it was I saw.

  2. timeliebe says:

    Tammy went on a rant regarding your boredom about “superhero movies”, Paul – since they’re mostly White and Male, like you are.

    Persons of Color, Physically Challenged or Female Superhero movies – they’re barely in existence, and patronized when they are. Black Widow doesn’t have her own movie, the Wonder Woman movie’s taking forever to get off the ground, and while the MCU’s at least doing Daredevil (blind), Luke Cage (Black), and Jessica Jones (female) – they’re on Netflix, rather than a legitimate outfit like a network that shows confidence in them as properties!

    Yes, Agent Carter was a welcome change from that thread – let’s see if it comes back.

  3. Daryl Surat says:

    Jumper is a terrible movie which should be watched by nobody, but on the subject of big-screen representation: the number one movie in the world which just had one of the ten biggest movie openings of all time is from a series that now has no white male lead whatsoever: Furious 7. At this point, those films count as superhero movies in my book and we’re getting at least two more.

    “Screaming away your BMW” is a thing I like to say as representative of psychokinetic oddities because that’s literally what happens in Crystal Triangle, often cited as one of the most amusing terribly Japanese animated tales ever:

    The tremendously ugly character designs on that are undeniably Toyoo Ashida’s, but Kazuko Tadano (who later did the 90s Sailor Moon designs) did her best to salvage things as animation director. I remember interviewing her about this, and she noted something to the effect of getting married during/after/just prior to Crystal Triangle. The making funny faces and screaming away of the BMW in Crystal Triangle would fit right in with Push’s screaming away of fish tanks.

  4. timeliebe says:

    Huh, Surat! I’m inclined to agree with you, but Tammy’s insisting the F&F series doesn’t qualify because (1) there are no costumes, and (2) there are no superpowers(?!?!?).

    I dunno – I think their motor vehicle stunts that defy physics qualify as superpowers myself, but she’s adamant those are just “car chase movies”. :/

    Maybe if they gave Vin Diesel and The Rock masks…?

    And yes, I told her SHE should come in and argue the point herself – but she’s on deadline.

  5. Invid Ninja (Oli) says:

    Turns out Paul McGuigan the director of this also was behind the immensely overlooked Gangster No 1 as well as Lucky Number Slevin. The former is absolutely worth checking out if one is in the need for cockney gangster nastiness; might have to give this film a shot now.

  6. Tim, I would argue that Netflix not only is legit but MORE of a legit outlet than cable. Most people 30 and under refuse to buy into cable and watch ONLY Netflix and Hulu.

  7. timeliebe says:

    Rachel – and there’s the generation gap in action! To me, an American man in my late Fifties, “real” television is network television because you turn on your TeeVee set, and it’s on and you don’t have to pay for it – even cable is somehow less “real” than ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox. (Actually, we’re not too sure about Fox, since it came around lately – like 29 years ago “lately”! I’ve been married longer than that….)

    Since a lot of people not in urban areas still can’t get streaming video services, it feels more like a “cult item” – you need broadband and a device capable of streaming it to your television (or you watch it on your PC, like my younger brother does). Yes, I have 25/25 Mbps FIOS and several devices (TiVO, Blu-Ray player, Chromecast) that do just that, but I’m considered a “techie” by most of my friends and relatives – who if they have broadband just have whatever is the cheapest thing the cable company bundled their Cable Sports Package with, don’t password protect heir routers because it’s “too complicated”, and think Netflix is where you get your DVDs from now that Blockbuster went away! (I spoke with my uncle last week about some family business and asked him for his e-mail address – he doesn’t have one, and doesn’t know why anybody would use it when we have phones.)

    This is why a lot of the innovative, or just really good, programming being done outside of The Big Three Four so often gets overlooked come awards time – most of the people who vote for awards are closer to my age (or my uncle’s age!) than yours, and only think in terms of Network television…and PBS, when they want to feel virtuous. That’s also why so much network television is becoming increasingly conservative (both small- and big-“C”), slanted towards reality shows (cheap to produce and reinforces cranky old people’s prejudices), mysteries/cop shows (they’re very comforting, knowing the mystery will get solved and the bad guys will get thrown in jail or shot), and sitcoms where you can laugh at stupid people (there’s a reason Community struggled on NBC for years, while The Big Bang Theory is a big hit – the former’s a smart show, the other is a stupid show about smart people).

    Yes, there are political and economic/oligarchical reasons for that – cable not wanting you to stream videos rather than watching that they choose to give you, network television resentful of cable taking away the demographically desirable audience so they pander more to the Fox News audience, stirring up the culture wars to make sure their older audience doesn’t stray from them, the people who make laws and policies not remotely understanding what they’re dealing with and how it can benefit them, etc. That’s why the box you get from the cable company doesn’t have streaming, why trying to set up a TiVO on a cable system (which the cable companies are required to permit!) is just a kludge and most employees are so unhelpful with it (Time Warner Cable in New York has one guy who knows how to set up a TiVO to work with their service!), and why no one box has everything you want.

    Basically, Rachel, making a Netflix show mainstream is fighting The Tyranny of the Default….

  8. Invid Ninja (Oli) says:

    Not much to do with Push though. XD

  9. timeliebe says:

    No, not really, was it, Invid Ninja? Though the debate over whether The Fast and the Furious series falls under “car chase”, “caper”, or “superhero” movie was probably a lot more interesting than this film was!

    Consistency being the hobgoblin of small minds. and all that…. 😉

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