Those Legendarily Furious Fists, Yo.


Brush up on your 1930’s international politics, because Fist of Legend is the Greatest Movie EVER!.

Click on the title or the DVD cover above to download our review of the film, featuring Sean “Hollywood” Hunting.

Review in a Nutshell: A re-telling of the classic Bruce Lee martial arts revenge film, Fist of Fury, director Gordon Chan and actor Jet Li bring a surprisingly humanistic portrayal to the character of Chen Zhen, a student who defends the honor of Chinese kung fu in the face of foreign aggression. The fight choreography by Yuen Woo-Ping is top notch.


  1. timeliebe says:

    So looking forward to hearing this, Paul!

  2. Daryl Surat says:

    I saw this one in the theater (outside the US) when I was 14 or so, back in 1994 which I guess was right around when it came out. Love it to death, but pity it’s the one considered as “the” Jet Li movie, because this was the one where he was homaging Bruce Lee and acting sort of against his type, yet Western producers kept wanting this type of performance from him. The end result is that people here see him as “Asian Steven Seagal.”

    The English dub used then was not the same as the Miramax one, which of course is not only edited but rewritten to change the intent of certain scenes with all the music replaced (as usual). The absolute strangest change of all is to the courtroom scene, when the judge dismisses the case. In the original Cantonese cut of the film, the judge says–in English–“I find these proceedings ridiculous…and anyway, I have to go to a cricket game. Case dismissed!” The implication is that the British really don’t care one bit about their territory, and the line was kept in the original English dub (which doesn’t appear to be included on any retail release I’ve seen). What’s strange isn’t that they changed the line in the English track to make it seem like the judge is more judiciously minded…but even on the Cantonese track included on the Dragon Dynasty DVD this line is changed!

    Another name for Kung Fu Cult Master is The Evil Cult, but if you don’t care for excessive wirework, it’s at Swordsman II levels in that one. (Swordsman II is the movie you couldn’t remember where Brigitte Lin is Master Asia). The Cynthia Rothrock movie you couldn’t remember, whose finale was circulated as a meme for a while, was the Godfrey Ho disasterpiece that is Undefeatable. She’s a B-movie queen, but all her “actual good movies” (as she phrases it in interviews) were native Hong Kong stuff. Aside from the aforementioned Shanghai Express (aka Millionaire’s Express, which also features Yasuaki Kurata), I recommend Yes, Madam! as well as Righting Wrongs (released in the US under the name “Above the Law” to ensure everyone ends up finding the Steven Seagal movie instead).

  3. “If they’re not cropping stuff out, you’re missing things”

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