GME! Anime Fun Time Episode #29 – Robot Carnival

It’s finally here! After many long months of delays (this was originally recorded on September 23rd, 2017), the Robot Carnival podcast has arrived. CLICK HERE or on the DVD cover above to listen to Dawn, Tom, and myself talk about this eclectic animated anthology from 1987 about sad robots, robot sadness, and the general inability for teenager girls to hold onto their lockets.

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  1. From the looks of it, you guys watched it in the original Japanese order, given that Franken’s Gears starts first. When many of us had saw it first, it was either on VHS or SciFi Channel (and Cartoon Network, here I first saw it), where Starlight Angel was the first segment used, and it was probably for the best it was presented that way as I sorta thought the way Streamline Pictures had presented it, it had a rather Fantasia-like quality in how it was shuffled, with Starlight Angel, Cloud and Deprive coming first, Franken’s Gears next, then Presence, Tale of Two Robots and Nightmare at the end (yes, I’m using those titles I’m more familiar with).

    I loved Cloud! I found Mao Lamdo on Twitter too!

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