Anime Weekend Atlanta 2007 Convention Report

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Since we’re still recovering from JACON 2008 and need to get some recording done before we continue with the Big Month of Mark Dacascos, here is my convention report for the spectacular Anime Weekend Atlanta 2007, held at the Renaissance Waverly in Atlanta, Georgia last September 21 – 23.

CLICK HERE to download it.


These are a few souvenirs from my convention going experience.

  • A is my regular admittance badge, which I bought when I thought I wasn’t getting a press badge.
  • B is my press badge. Notice my hand-written authority.
  • C is an invite for Carl Horn’s illustrious room party, themed in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Royal Space Force.
  • D is an invite for Desloktoberfest, an equally illustrious room party, themed after LOLBlazers.
  • E is Tim Eldred’s business card. The private info has been removed to protect the innocent.
  • F is my business card. The private info is intact except for my phone number, because I don’t want the Internet prank-yanking me.


Below are a series of links relating to my con-experience.


Thumbs up!

Anime Weekend Atlanta: Umetsu-tested, Gooberzilla-approved.