7 Dollars of Pure Cinematic Pain!

Dungeons & Dragons is the Worst Movie EVER. (Although the `80s cartoon was pretty cool.)

2 Minutes, 49 Seconds In:

Sure, she’s hot and the steel bustier is downright sexy, but what self-respecting elf would wield a crossbow!?!

6 Minutes, 15 Seconds In:

Ridley Freeborn shops at Toys-R-Us.

6 Minutes, 33 Seconds In:


13 Minutes, 28 Seconds In:

Clear evidence that Dungeons & Dragons is the domain of El Diablo. See Jack Chick’s “Dark Dungeons” cartoon to learn how we may combat this insidious plot to ensnare our children.

14 Minutes, 51 Second In:

The universe’s only Fat Elf.

16 Minutes, 48 Seconds In:


20 Minutes, 49 Seconds In:

Tragedy strikes when the crew members realize the true horror of the Dungeons & Dragons movie…


  1. Thad says:

    The audio leveling in this episode was horrible, it went from extreme highs to lows throughout. The idea of splitting voices between speakers was extremely annoying too. When you are riding in a car and closer to one speaker than others it gives a very inconsistent and frustrating experience (the bad leveling compounds this. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the review ….but PLEASE level out the volumes, and stop with the flashy “let’s split the voices” deal.

  2. gooberzilla says:


    This episode is nearly a year old, and it was also our first attempt at a long distance podcast using Skype. The “flashy let’s split the voices” deal was not intentional, it was an unfortunate side effect of an early experiment. I admit, the audio quality in this episode is terrible. It was before I owned any professional mixing equipment; I have difficulty even listening to some of the older episodes. I only leave them up for posterity.

    Hopefully, this episode doesn’t put you off the rest of the podcast. We sound much better now.

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