Despite featuring Halle Berry in skin-tight leather, Catwoman is the Worst Movie EVER.


7 Minutes, 43 Seconds In:

What the Internet is actually used for…


10 Minutes, 35 Seconds In:

Benjamin Bratt. He’s handsome, but he’s no Mark Dacascos.


11 Minutes, 12 Seconds In:

Sharon Stone plays a washed-up, alcoholic model whose beauty is fading and whose glory days are long since past.
I wonder if you’d call this method-acting?


The many faces of Halle Berry:



Slimey, but still cute.




On ur rooftops, stealin’ ur laundryz.


  1. Keith says:

    I think the primary transgression of Catwoman, besides the fact that it uses CGi for almost every action scene, including scenes where people are just walking, is that it has Halle Berry in a catsuit and still manages to be soul-crushingly boring from beginning to end. If ever there was a movie that needed to inject itself with pure, unbridled, over-the-top insanity, this was it. And yet…not so much did it do this.

  2. Dave says:

    Don’t feel bad, Goki. Callan’s just a player hater, and be secure in the fact that she dislikes my taste in entertainment as much as you suppose she might dislike yours. But then she goes off and watches some Grey’s Anatomy crap, and the balance of the world is maintained.

    No one is beyond scrutiny.

    Except for Halle Berry, because she’s hot.

    PS: Ever since I watched the hey-days of Law and Order with Jerry Orbach and Benjamin Bratt, I have developed a non-sexual mancrush on the latter. I would ask you to respect that.

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