Gee Willickers, Snoop Dogg!

Master of the Flying Guillotine is the Greatest Movie EVER. If you don’t believe me, just ask Snoop Dogg.


Jimmy Wang Yu.
If you see him make this expression, chances are you’ve got on his bad side.

6 Minutes, 37 Seconds In:

The Master of the Flying Guillotine, in his ultra-subtle disguise as a Nazi monk.


9 Minutes, 12 Seconds In:

The Muy Thai Master. Tony Jaa he is not.


13 Minutes, 32 Seconds In:

The Yoga Master, and his pet owl, Hootie.


19 Minutes, 22 Seconds In:

“Duuuuuh? Bamboo dull axe?”



Snoop Dogg – much like the Almighty Gooberzilla – has impeccable taste in film.


1 Comment

  1. Steve Harrison says:

    You realise that the blind master crashing through everything creates the image of Kool-Aid Man with a flying Guillotine..

    “OHHHH YEAAAAHH!” *whirrrrrSNICT*

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