Ultra-realistic / Too Comic-Booky?

Due to the incredible pressure brought to bear by “Hollywood” Hunting, The Punisher (2004) is simply a Movie, with no judgement or label attached.


(But it doesn’t have Dolph Lundgren in it. Draw your own conclusions.)

10 Minutes, 29 Seconds In:

John Travolta as Howard Saint.
Not a very convincing villain; perhaps it’s his fashion sense.


10 Minutes, 44 Seconds In:

Harry Heck. He’s walking the line of a ring of fire, because he hurt himself today after shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die.


12 Minutes, 50 Seconds In:

Rebecca Romjin.
Best in roles where she a.) does not talk and b.) karates Wolverine in the face.


13 Minutes, 52 Seconds In:

Ben Foster as Dave. They torture the hell out of him.


But they leave this guy alone?



Step off, Priss Asagiri!


  1. Dave says:


    I’ll have no Priss nay-saying on this podcast! Don’t make me regret not making an appearance (more than I already did).

  2. Ivan says:

    Paul was right…

  3. iddqd says:

    the movie sucks!
    im a huge fan of the punisher comics (they were on of the first ones i owend as a kid) and im still reading today.
    but the character i like is not in the movie, he´s way to young, he´s to “smart” and to personal. the punisher would not use a fucking bow, he would use the most effective thing that kills as many people possible and in a way that wont get him into danger.
    read the BORN storyline, read BARACUDA and dont read the new punisher war journal series (gay!).

    tom berenger would have been a great punisher in the 80s!

  4. The Weapon says:

    This isn’t a punisher movie. I don’t know who Tom Jane is supposed to be playing. I have to agree with “iddqd” Frank Castle wouldn’t use a bow, no matter how cool it looked, Castle is a special forces pro, he knows what a suppressor is for.

    One of the major problems i have with both the 2004 and the Lungren Punisher movies are the “signatures” in the movie, Lungren has the skull knives, Jane blows a crappy flaming skull into a parking lot full of cars. Not going to happen.

    Frank also wouldn’t show up in the middle of city hall in front of cameras, and most certainly wouldn’t drop his headstone on a golf course. This blows his element of surprise, which is essential to spec ops guys doing there job right.

    One of the major points in the Punisher year one mini serise is the randomness of his families death and the laws inability to do anything about the people Frank is able to identify as the killers. This leads him to realize he is the only one capable of “justice” Instead of trying to force and origin story and “welcome back Frank” stories together, just following the “year one” story, gives Frank much more motivation. Paul was right, the families murder could easily been recapped via flashback, Frank often thinks about them in the comics, could have been 5 mins to bring everyone up to speed.

    of course, having a first time director in charge of the project probably didn’t help. I really hope Lexi Alexander does a great job with the new one.

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