Tonight is What it Means to be Young

A Rock & Roll Fable

Streets of Fire is without argument the Greatest Movie EVER! And this week I’m joined by Daryl and Gerald from AnimeWorldOrder, as well as Steve “Black Choppers” Harrison, to explore this fact.

Please visit Teleport-City and read Keith’s eloquent review of Streets of Fire.

Ellen Aim & Tom Cody

Diane Lane and Michael Pare’ as Ellen Aim and Tom Cody, the star-crossed loves of this Rock & Roll Fable.

7 Minutes, 45 Seconds:

Bill Baxton, Pompador of Champions!


8 Minutes, 48 Seconds In:

When I said Hopper, I meant this.

Dennis Hopper Too Sexay!

Not this.

12 Minutes, 34 Seconds In:

Rick Moranis, Ruler of Men!

Rick Moranis as Billy Fish. He thinks he’s so tough.

24Minutes, 13 Seconds In:

Alright now, stop.  HAMMER-TIME!

“I wonder what I’m supposed to do with this… “

Why Willem Dafoe deserves an Academy Award:

Trash Bag Pants!

Honk if you're evil.




Did I mention I love Dolph Lundgren?



  1. Daryl Surat says:

    It is rather disconcerting to hear that, even after purchasing a fancypants preamp/microphone/windscreen/pop filter, I still sound worse than Steve does over a telephone line.

  2. gooberzilla says:

    I thought you sounded fine. If I’m disappointed with the quality of anyone’s sound in this recording, it’s my own. Once again I sound like my voice is being filtered through the entrails of an extra-dimensional cat.

    P.S. Blogger sucks. They won’t let me sign in to my blog account with them unless I upgrade to the new version.

  3. Railith says:

    I can only hope to one day be man enough to wear trashbag suspenders. 😦

  4. Steve Harrison says:

    Hey, it was a hoot and thanks for inviting me!

    It all went by so fast, I’m struck with that sad 20/20 hindsight over things we didn’t get to cover…like what was the deal with the bum on the roof as our gang scouted out Torchy’s? Suddenly this guy shows up with a ‘horror movie’ sting, then we get a few minutes of exposition and some witty banter, then *zoop* gone.

    totally had a ‘second unit’ feel to it, like it was shot to cover other cuts or something.

    And I so totally want there to be a 2 disc special edition/director’s cut of this. I wanna hear just what song that girl in Torchy’s was *really* dancing to(I assume there was some temp track used, not the song actually used in the finished movie. Her dancing really doesn’t match the beat and tempo, the quick cuts don’t totally mask that), I have the feeling there’s at least one more scene with a song in it that got cut.

    I wanted to make some comment about the ‘tenderloin district’ our heros were making their way thru was pure Pat Benetar land, but it was unneeded I guess.

    The ‘video jukebox’ we see isn’t really that out of place, there were 16mm film versions in the ’30s that would play one-reel shorts reverse-projected on a frosted glass screen.

    It’s interesting that Tom liberates Ellen with the butterfly knife he ‘liberated’ at the start of the film. Clearly there’s a scene cut there, between his setting her loose and them running out of the room, she with a jacket over her. A scene with a Bomber coming in and Tom taking care of business maybe?

    AArrggh! I want a deluxe special edition release!!

  5. ian says:

    I was just listening to some song by “The Boss” and hit had the line about ‘streets of fire’ which got me thinking about Streets of Fire . . . so thanks for reviewing this one.

  6. Keith says:

    I told Daryl, but y’all should have been there for the Teleport City/Ninja Consultant Streets of Fire/Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park double feature extravaganza. Shame on y’all for being in Florida, or whatever crazy place y’all live in.

    One note — a defense of the 60s, which Daryl describes as being full of nothing but filthy hippies. While that is true of the latter half of the decade, the first half gave us the Ronettes, mods, northern soul, James Bond rip-off movies from Europe, and above all, mini skirts.

    And who has the better exit from their movie — Tom Cody or Jack Burton?

  7. Dave says:


    “You know what Jack Burton always says at a time like this?”
    “Jack Burton… me!”



  8. ian says:

    When you are done with the review of Masters of the Universe you should review Ice Pirates.

  9. Keith says:

    Man, if I didn’t make fun of fanfic writers so often, I’d start writing a Jack Burton/Tom Cody adventure (Slash? Nah, they’re too manly). Or even better — a Billy fish/Egg Chen adventure.

  10. Steve Harrison says:

    I have an unreasonable desire to try and cobble up some kind of ‘Ellen Aim and the Attackers Tour’ roadie shirt for the next con I go to, do up a fancy retro ‘backstage pass’ lammie, whole thing.

    I don’t think the shirt we see in the movie goes far enough. I’d have to make sure I’ve got some ‘high water’ chinos, black converse sneakers, and a pack of Lucky Strikes.

    It’s way dumb.

  11. Jeff Tatarek says:

    Oh man, Ice Pirates… I would gladly give up some free time to sit in on a review of that one.

    Some nice robot suits in that movie, not to mention RON PERLMAN…but it also has Bruce Vilanch, so it’s downgraded to merely Ron Perlman.

  12. Steve Harrison says:

    With all the stuff coming out on DVD, all the strange, oddball stuff…we need Megaforce.

    There. I said it.

  13. gooberzilla says:

    I demand a slash-fic involving Jack Burton and Tom Cody. Maybe something involving Lo Pan casting a voodoo spell on them that makes them forget their staunch devotion to the ladies.

    A regular Billy Fish / Egg Shen fanfic would be cool, too.

    Believe it or not, it was my first viewing of The Ice Pirates that made me realize I had to create this podcast. I’ve had multiple requests for that one, and I really ought to record it soon. The problem is, I wanted to do that one with Julian and Eddie from Miami, who are big enough nerds to appreciate the superlative insanity of that film. But neither of them has a headset or a stable high-speed Internet connection, so I’d have to wait to do it in person, and the earliest I can do that is sometime in April, when the vacation time I’ve accumulated finally kicks in.

    I’ve also had multiple requests for Megaforce, which unfortunately has no DVD release scheduled. This makes me sad.

    Although I suppose we could make do with Gymkata in the mean time.

    Steve, do you want in on the upcoming Gunhed review? No one seems to want to watch it with me. I wonder why…

  14. Steve Harrison says:

    Gunhed…oh, man, years since I’ve seen that. Raw Japanese of course. I never picked up the ADV release, sadly. And I can’t find the tape with the ‘raw’, must be buried in storage. but if you need a co-pilot, I’m sure I can remember enough to hang in there.

    There’s a lot of nifty to Gunhed. Alot of cheese too.

    “Gunhed. Standing Mode”

    Lemme know.

  15. ian says:

    Cool. I know if you’re gonna review a gem like Ice Pirates you have to do it right, that’s what makes your podcast so great. Also Academy Award Winning Angelica Huston is in the film as well so that brings it up a bit.

  16. gooberzilla says:


    I have a spare copy of Gunhed. I ended up buying two because I thought my first DVD was defective, but it looks like the problem is a pressing issue unique to the entire release. 😦

    Anyway, I could send it to you, if you like. I don’t need two copies, and I need someone to review this quintessential cornerstone of modern cinema, heh heh.

    EDIT: I’m an idiot. I wrote “Gunbuster” here instead of “Gunhed”. In my defense, I was probably still stewing about the altered audio in the R1 Gunbuster release. Many apologees for the inconwenience.

  17. Eeeper says:

    Gunbuster review? Sweet! But I still haven’t gotten my copy I ordered!:( Ice Pirates? Don’t know that one. Hold on, hold on. I’m starting to feel like an outsider here.

    SNAP! Another Jack Burton reference!

    What about as a review: Hawk the Slayer?

  18. heathdon says:

    I love streets of fire. Jim Steinman songs (has anybody heard the meatloaf versions?), Michael Pare, Diane Lane, WIllem Dafoe, Paxton and the unmentioned Ed Begley Jr in the most un needed role ever. Wasn’t Billy Fish brought along for directions?

    Have you guys ever thought of doing Eddie and the Cruisers one and two as a best worst dounle header. I know they are not your usual action/sci-fi fare but they are great and awful. Perhaps the Philadelphia experiment for bad 80s sci-fi.

    Loved the podcast.

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