Karate Invasion! The Sex Lives of Robots

The Greatest Worst Movie EVER!

The podcast is being invaded by Fast Karate, and Appleseed is the Greatest Worst Movie EVER!

This podcast contains:

Sexy Robots.

Not appearing in this picture.

Various hooved mammals.

Deunan Knute, Moe Commando!

Little Moe Pig-Tailed Girls.

Masamune Shirow, God among Men.

Robotic Octopus Tanks.


Dirty Lyle, OH SNAP!

Dirty Lyle has a distaste for truckers…


  1. Dave says:

    When I said ‘Boom Boom Satellites’ I meant ‘Basement Jaxx’, but it’s sort six of one, half a dozen of the other. Techno still sucks.

    It pleases me to be part of the Goober-experience. Fun times. 😀

  2. Now I feel dumb for writing you a techno song.

  3. Chronocross_xp says:

    I was waiting for “Love Actually” but hell yeah, AWESOMENESS !

  4. Daryl Surat says:

    More like Goober was part of the Fast Karate experience! I can’t help but laugh at the completely arbitrary, MPAA-esque criteria for what words you choose to bleep and what words you leave intact so as to not feel guilty about not using the Explicit tag.

    Thanks to this episode, I now know that Spriggan is most certainly cyberpunk, as is Hellsing. I have no objections to this, but don’t forget: robot boyfriends are just as sinister as robot girlfriends. But neither are as devastating as WHITE AFRICANS, THE RAREST OF ALL AFRICANS. I think we can all see that Deunan obviously has AIDS, which means you guys have cartoon AIDS. Tell me, was it worth it? She was bragging about her lack of sexual activity for a REASON.

    PS: Clarissa resents that nobody ever asks HER to be a guest host on a podcast.

  5. gooberzilla says:

    Regarding the bleeping in this episode:
    It was actually an aesthetic choice. Normally, I don’t bleep any words that you can say on prime-time network TV, so “bitch”, “damn”, “ass” etc. usually survive the editing process. In this case, though, whenever Dave said “bitch”, Skype got all warped and distorted. I can only surmise that the Skype Network was cowering in fear of his big, beautiful, masculine man-voice. I bleeped it because it sounded better bleeped than non-bleeped.

    You forget, Daryl, that Dave and I may have contracted cartoon AIDS from Deunan, we will have in fact contracted CARTOON FUTURE AIDS, which will grant us pointy teeth and super-strength and enhanced agility, Ultraviolet-style. So although we may die a malingering cartoon-death, at least we’ll be ramping motorcycles off of buildings into helicopters in the mean time.

    Clarissa – if she actually existed and wasn’t simply a tangible hallucination ala Shounen Bat – would be welcome to guest host on the podcast. How does she feel about Master of Disguise?

  6. Dave says:

    Re: the audio quality. On the next one I think Joel and I should work on recording our own audio. It’s a pain in the ass, and we’re probably too dumb to do it, but we sound like crap compared to you! I feel bad for the people who have to listen to us warble in and out.

    Still, it was tons of fun doin’ this thing with you. Unfortunately, there will never be another movie as good as Appleseed to have on the GME. Joel and I must quit while we’re ahead.


    Space future AIDS is a small price to pay for Deunan Knute. I wish all white Africans were totally hot. I’d definitely sleep with Gerald, then.

  7. Stop hatin’ on Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01 OVA! It taught me the correct way to eat instant Ramen while trapped in a mech suit. I will never know starvation because of Shinji Aramaki.


  8. Kidder says:

    Judging by Clarissa’s response to a GeekNights email, if she ever guest starred on a Fast Karate show I have a feeling Clarissa would psychically castrate Dave and Joel via the interweb, probably over some slightly sexist joke by Dave

  9. Dave says:

    I don’t think so. While I’d probably make a tasteless jibe, I’m so adorable that nobody could ever possibly take offense to it! I’m like a little kid, harmless. When I say bad things it’s ‘coz I don’t know no better.

  10. Cave Man Tom says:

    As is documented in the historic tomes of the internets, Dave has a voice that would make even Clarissa abandon her feminist-equal-rights beliefs in favor of a life of willing moe servitude to the masters of Fast Karate.

  11. Davedave says:

    Cave Man Tom, you’re dangerously close to inspiring crossover podcast daverissa shipper fanfiction.

  12. Mitchell Dyer says:

    Great Stuff man, loving all the guests and intelligently hilarious discussion!

    Plus One Subscriber.

  13. HaloJones-Fan says:

    No, see, _manga_ Deunan Knute would have _shot_ the password in, by drawing the pistol strapped to her chest and firing it one-handed and hitting the keys with bullets. Then she’d jump off the robot and use her combat knife to stab the ENTER key as she fell past the keyboard. Then she’d stop her fall by stabbing the knife into one of the robot’s joints as she fell past it, and doing a flip around the knife hilt, and landing up on the robot’s knee in one of those three-point linebacker stances (supporting yourself on the balls of your feet and one hand.)

  14. Mitchell Dyer says:


    Anyone else see this and looking forward to it?

    I’m watchin’ it right now, and I’m already sold like 10 minutes in! Coolness.

  15. Kidder says:

    Are talking about the Appleseed EX game on the PS2? Coz I was just watching some gameplay vids on Youtube and I have to say it looks really shit. The trailer is in no shape or form an accurate representation of what the game is like.

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