Wonder Woman Moon Boots!

The Greatest Movie EVER!

Despite a compete lack of pie-eating scenes, Sky High is the Greatest Movie EVER!

This film contains:

The Commander.

Kurt Russell in a Muscle Suit.

Warren Peace.

Angry Pretty Boys.

Bruce Campbell, bein' Bruce.

Bruce doin’ what Bruce does best.

Royal Pain!

Sexy Evil Overlords in Robot Moon Boots.

This film does not contain:




The Greatest Movie EVER?

I really mean it, this time!


  1. Ian says:

    Awesome Highlander II all of my questions will be answered. After that you should think about doing Death Ring. I have noticed a serious lack of Billy Drago.

  2. Chronocross_xp says:

    I am in your website .
    Downloading you Podcatz
    (Damn you interweb for not letting me post a cat picture )

  3. front-beat says:

    Sky High ? Honestly ? Yuck !

    Chapman I hope you redeem yourself with Highlander II as the Worst Greatest Movie Ever.

  4. Please tell me you are doing Highlander II with Katherine and that it’s the real Highlander II, not the less train-wrecky Renegade version.

  5. This movie is only a pale shadow of The Specials. Thomas Haden Church, the main star of the movie, is the best actor ever! Church is also in Spider-Man 3! You’ve got to review The Specials.

  6. gooberzilla says:

    I’ve added Death Ring and The Specials to my Netflix list, although I can’t promise to get to them immediately. I’m working with a bit of a back-log as it is.

    Highlander II is simply the Greatest Movie EVER, without a Worst qualifier, because its awfulness bends reality like a 1st Edition Mage with a 10 point Paradox Backlash. (Kudos to anyone who gets that reference.) Unfortunately, Karaoke, I’ve only been able to get my hands on the Renegade version, but I’ll be sure to touch on the differences that I notice. The plan as it stands is to Mom-cast this one, as I think it would be amusing to watch Mom try and reconcile this film with the rest of Highlander continuity. But I might be able to rope Katherine in as well. No promises.

    I’m surprised at all the venom directed at Sky High. I mean, it’s got Kurt Russell in it. And Bruce Campbell. And cute, evil girls in powered armor complete with moon boots. And it does super-hero shenanigans better than most other super-hero movies. What’s not to love?
    As for comparing The Specials to Sky High, that seems unfair. Sky High is a kid’s movie comedy with liberal helpings of comic book action. The Specials is an Indie film aimed at adults that has no actual comic book action, from what I understand. The only common element is super heroes. That’d be like comparing Watchmen to the Power Pack. Sure, apples and oranges are both fruits, but still…

  7. front-beat says:

    “I’m surprised at all the venom directed at Sky High”

    It’s like someone took the Incredibles , made it a live action version and merged that with Evangelion and the Power Rangers.Ingredients that by themself are not too bad , but when they are thrown into the Hollywood blender they leave the sheer aftertaste of poor blatant ripoff in your mouth.

    I think it’s safe to see why it gets hated on

    Oh Yeah and Karaoke , M.O.M is W.A.Y better than Katherine : CASE CLOSED

  8. gooberzilla says:

    Ummm…have you even watched Sky High? It’s only similar to Power Rangers in that each character dresses in a unified color scheme. And it’s not similar to Evangelion in any respect, unless you count that they both happen to have adolescent protagonists. The Incredibles is a more fair comparison, since it too is filled with super-hero action. But the themes that The Incredibles explores are more adult themes: the mid-life crisis, the sense of nostalgia for a faded past, issues of jealousy and rejection, issues of familial responsibility. The Incredibles is also a much darker film over all. Sky High is a story about growing up; The Incredibles is a story about growing old.

    I’m watching the “Renegade” cut of Highlander II, and it’s not the version I had previously seen. I think I like the theatrical cut better. This movie is even more of a train-wreck than I remember.

  9. front-beat says:

    Read what you just typed 🙂

    You found a similiarity to each of the shows
    that I have mentioned

  10. gooberzilla says:

    A specious, surface similarity does not a rip-off make. That’s like saying Quest for Fire is a rip-off of Eegah! because they both involve cavemen, or that the animated Transformers film is a rip-off of Touch of Evil because they both had Orson Welles in a villainous role. If you were to argue that Sky High and Power Rangers are thematically similar because they both deal with childish, wish-fulfillment fantasies, you’d have a better point. But Evangelion is nothing like Sky High. To juxtapose them seems a bit absurd.

  11. front-beat says:

    Crap , looks like I’m gonna have to watch this
    awful movie again . I don’t know why Im thinking
    this has some Evangelion homage. I could be mixing this
    up with something else tho

  12. Dammit, Chapman! Go to a video store that sells old VHS tapes and buy it for a dollar. The Renegade version is simply mediocre instead of so bad it warps really and becomes awesome. Instead of being aliens from Zeist, they are retards from an ambiguous past on earth and a bunch of shit is toned down, plus they redid the special effects (like the dome) and made them less stupid. It’s a total waste of time. Give me your address and I will mail you a VHS of the REAL Highlander II.

    Dammit, front-beat, Katherine is Katherine THE GREAT, and is GREATER THAN mom. Sorry mom.

  13. front-beat says:

    You are right about so many things karoaoke , but we all know M.O.M is better.Any woman that has worse taste in movies than Paul , is OK in my eye.

  14. Hollywood says:

    I don’t want to be all up in your face….but are you really doing a Highlander movie podcast without me?

    I’ve seen all the movies and every episode of the TV show…i’m the closest thing to a MacLeod genealogist that you know…

    Think twice before posting without my approval!!

  15. Jeff Tatarek says:

    “That’d be like comparing Watchmen to the Power Pack.”

    Hey, Power Pack had moon boots!

    Although I haven’t seen Sky High, the fact that it has both Kurt Russell AND Bruce Campbell is good enough for me.

    Add in teens with powered armor and it’s just that much better.

  16. maryam says:

    steven strait (waren peace) is soooo fit!!

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