Mazes and Monsters (Not Really)

The Greatest Movie EVER!

All joking aside, Pan’s Labyrinth is the Greatest Movie EVER!

This movie includes:

Don't kiss him.  He ain't a Prince.

Exploding Giant Toads.

Fauns and other fairy woodland creatures.

D.A.R.E. to resist magical chalk!

Peer pressure.

Ofelia: “This’ll make me cool, right?”

Pan: “Yeah, baby, the first one’s free.”



Okay, that’s enough darkness and depression for a while.

After all…


Guillermo just wants to make you smile.



Why is Frank Dux so upset? Tune in and find out!


  1. xenomouse says:

    That fish-hooking scene made me audibly groan in empathy. I mean, i did not like the guy off the bat, and then he did that wine-bottle-make-your-face-disappear trick, but i can’t wish getting fish-hooked on anyone. I get pissed when i bite my cheek, so i can’t imagine what he was going through.

    I’m surprised you didn’t discuss the captain’s last moments, because that was seriously the biggest eff you i’ve ever seen in a movie.

    “Tell my son the time his father died. Tell him…”
    “No. Your son will never know your name.”

  2. Ivan says:

    As much as I love the other movies you cover, it was really awesome to see you tackle a “serious” review.

    Oh, and the shout out was ridiculously kind of you.

  3. Daryl Surat says:

    Frank Dux is mad because you didn’t ask me to review the live-action Fist of the North Star out of fear of my owning the Region 2 2-disc set.

    Though the guy from knows the guy who did the makeup effects for the movie. The downside? To the best of my knowledge, he’s still Garbage Stanley.

  4. front-beat says:

    Hey Sean you were awesome , keep up the good work.Hopefully we’ll see more of you on the podcast.

  5. Dave says:



  6. Daryl Surat says:

    PS: MY positive reviews imply that the show starts off good then turns bad? YOU’RE ON NOTICE, Mr. “I paid full price for all of Desert Punk but refuse to pay $16 for all of New Getter Robo”!


  7. front-beat says:

    Wow someone turned on the taps , and got some HatorAde ! Booooyyaaaa

  8. gooberzilla says:

    In my defense, Daryl’s math is off. I only paid half-price for Desert Punk. And it would be twenty bucks for all of New Getter Robo. And I haven’t seen New Getter Robo. And frankly, the Getter Robo franchise is just too manly for me. I’m more of a Mazinkaiser man.

    He also fails to mention that in order to get a good deal on New Getter Robo, I’d have to pad out the order with six DVDs of some crap like Saiyuki Reload. I think I’m making the right decision here.

    It would be appropriate to include Daryl on a podcast involving anything related to Kenshiro…I’m not certain what my plans for that one are yet.

    Dave also fails to mention that he never answers his phone. He still has first dibbs on Strange Days and a share of the Big Trouble in Little China podcast, though.

  9. Pad out your order with six–OR FOURTEEN–DVDs of Hajime no Ippo, you big nancy. Don’t you try and pull that “waaah, but Volume 14 isn’t there so I’m not buying anything!” crap on me. Not when Deep Discount and DVD Planet are having their big sales too.

    Face it, you haven’t reviewed Cobra on this podcast because you just aren’t TOUGH ENOUGH.

  10. Erwin Rosales says:

    Gooberzilla, you do not have to worry if you are not manly enough. Because, everyone knows once you get bath on the Getter Rays you are as manly as Hayato Jin, not as much as Ryoma though, in order to get that level of manliness you have to die and then revived by the Getter rays.
    Anyways shame on you for not watching New Getter Robo.
    In other note … BRAVO, BRAVO Gooberzilla! for delivering such a great review for such a great movie.
    I have being waiting for this one for a long time and you along with Hollywood Hunter made it hilarious and serious at the same time.
    We need more analogies an similes in our podcasts

  11. Dave says:

    Dave also fails to mention that he never answers his phone.

    Cellphones suck, and I hate them.

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