Ghost Ride the Ugly Puppy

The Greatest Movie EVER!

Although the blood-feud between Katherine and Mom continues,

Ghost Rider is the Greatest Movie EVER!

This movie contains:

Young Johnny.

Matt Long as Young Johnny.

Adult Johnny.

“The Cage” as Fully Grown Johnny.



This movie also contains:

Devil-Kid need Hug?

Sideburn sporting Emo Devil-babies.


 Crazy Laugh!


Nicholas Cage, Master Thespian!



Obey the Fist.


  1. front-beat says:

    Oh no you didn’t !

  2. Ian says:

    I remember my English teacher in High School going on about Rollerball being a critique against the corruption and conspicuous consumption of Captialism. Though I mianly just remember Moonpie getting his punch spiked.

  3. Davedave says:

    great episode, you were spot on with my feelings about this film – sam elliot just up and leaving was truly the most dissapointing cinema moment of this year.

  4. Jeff Tatarek says:

    Rollerball? Awwwwww yeah!

  5. Tony says:

    Good episode. It got me thinking, would you consider covering Spider-Man 3 as the worst movie ever?

  6. Ivan says:

    Awesome! Pretty much the best episode ever. I salute you, good sir.

  7. I want to do an audio drama where Katherine is a sexy femme fatale luring men to their doom.

  8. xenomouse says:

    Kudos on getting Katherine and Mom in the same room and keeping the conversation civil. I sense some sort of conflict – or perhaps mutual jealousy – between the two. I think i may know a way to resolve this… for your next review, watch “Thelma and Louise,” and then get the two of them totally soused (on margaritas) for the discussion.


  9. Gin says:

    Katherine + Mom always have such interesting things to say that I thought the team-up would be good to listen to. I didn’t realize there would be so much tension! 🙂

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