Doesn’t ‘Infra-‘ mean Between?

The Greatest Movie EVER!

Imitation, or Inspiration? Regardless, The Super Inframan is the Greatest Movie EVER!

This movie contains:


Hong Kong Legend, Danny Lee!

Space Vixens.

Keep an eye out?  Or give me a hand?

Space Vixens.



Thunderball Fists

Thunderball Fists.



Hey, who rattled your Cage?


  1. Ian says:

    Is Cogswell Pepperbox your guest Co-host for this one or will that be reserved for a later show?

  2. Jeff Tatarek says:

    Is there a difference between [i]The Super Inframan[/i] and plain old [i]Inframan[/i]? The screen caps suggest there is not…

  3. Jeff Tatarek says:

    My tag-fu is weak.

  4. front-beat says:

    If you do Ghost Rider , I might have to hurt Dakota Fanning and Zeta Jones.

  5. The Super Inframan is the original HK name for the movie, whereas just Inframan is the name the dubbed version was released under in the US.

  6. Wait… Wait… All Chinese people know kung-fu? You mean all vampires don’t hop around?

    Stop trying to ruin my childhood! Inframan rox! Inframan is serious business. Take it seriously!

    I think it’s time to review “The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires”! East meets west! No one wins.

  7. Wow, I didn’t realize there even was a legit US DVD release of this movie. I just bought the legit HK release (region 3 or whatever) in Chinatown. (I know, legit product in Chinatown? I didn’t believe it either!) But it has Cantonese and Mandarin and English subtitles. The only problem is you need a region free player or hack your computer’s region code. And no English dub. Also a totally gorgeous transfer.

  8. Jeff Tatarek says:

    This is added to my Amazon wish list. I had a crappy American VHS copy of this. The transfer wasn’t great and it wasn’t even pan-and-scan; just badly cropped. I’m pretty sure it was recorded in LP speed to boot.

  9. kimiden says:

    Yay, I landed the “End of Episode Quote”!

    This was alot of fun to do and I need to seriously rent “Crippled Avengers” again after this.

    And I’ll be sure to bring my sharpie along with me to make the necessary corrections ^_^

  10. Arada says:


    Hey, if you want you can blame me for having you reveiw this one. Really.

  11. front-beat says:

    Please provide your physical address . I am going to Cage beat the living shit out of you.

  12. gooberzilla says:

    front-beat, you say some really unfriendly things. Your last two posts have contained threatening languge. I understand that you’re joking, but that’s not the kind of atmosphere I wish to foster on my comments page. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but tone it down.

  13. Dave says:

    ‘Infra’ means ‘below’

    Like infrared?

    Were you that distracted by thunderball fists? COME ON GUYS!

  14. Dave, I’m still distracted by Kusanagi’s Tabletop Booty.

  15. kimiden says:

    Oh yeah, turns out that the director would have done an Inframan 2 but the film bombed when it came out.

    So if you see Inframan 2 on eBay, save that money for something else 😛

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