No Jiffy Pop in Heaven.

The Greatest Worst Movie EVER!

Despite the presence of ‘The Swayze’,

Red Dawn is the Greatest Worst Movie EVER!

Once again, technical difficulties have prevented me from posting adequate screen caps.

As a token of my apologies, please consider this picture of a contemplative gorilla:

Contemplative Gorilla

(Gorilla. Guerrilla. Get it?)

I’ll do better next time, I swear.

Also, the Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast has been nominated for a Parsec Award! Yay!


Armand Assante, Native American!

It’s all fun and games until someone mutates a bear.


  1. Steve Harrison says:

    Just so ya know, because this is what I do…

    There’s a super duper 2 disc release of Red Dawn on the way, with all kinds of bonus goodness. Might not change your opinion of the flick, but deleted scenes and the like are always a good thing IMHO.

  2. Steve Harrison says:

    And sunnavagun, here it is:

    I was wrong, no deleted scenes, but that extras disc still looks yummy to me.

  3. gooberzilla says:

    Yeah, I just found out about the 2-disc Red Dawn this morning, when I was fishing for pictures to steal for the show notes. Now if they’d only give Tank Girl the same treatment.

  4. Steve Harrison says:

    Tank Girl? *Pfagh* I await the 2 disc special edition of Zardoz.

    I want to hear Connery’s commentary track. Oh lord, let this come into being!

    Hey, if there’s a 4 disc Caligula on the way, with McDowell’s commentary, ANYTHING is possible!

  5. HaloJones-Fan says:

    It’s always funny to look at these movies and see how the top billing changes year by year. I mean, here you’ve got PATRICK SWAYZE, MEGA-STAR and some kid named Sheen.

    It’s like looking at the cover for “Major League”. Again, Charlie Sheen…also Wesley Snipes…and who gets top billing? TOM FREAKIN’ BERENGER.

  6. Jeff Tatarek says:

    Is that John Frankenheimer’s “Prophecy” I see in the on-deck circle?

  7. Twitch says:

    I just started listening to this episode, and you mentioned doing “color” movies from the 80s, and couldn’t think of a good yellow movie.

    The answer: Yellowbeard.

  8. Ivan says:

    Paul, I thank to break it to you–Tank Girl isn’t good. It’s not even so bad it’s good. It’s just bad. Even Naomi Watts can’t save it from disaster. 😉

  9. front-beat says:

    Ivan you take that back . Paul and I love Tank Girl because of the Furries.

  10. gooberzilla says:

    front-beat, that’s not funny.

    Ivan, any film that contains a completely incongruous musical number for absolutely no reason gains points in my book.

    And yes, Jeff, that is the Frankenheimer “Prophecy” coming up next.

  11. front-beat says:

    Who said anything about being funny ?

  12. HaloJones-Fan says:

    Your mom!

  13. Steve Harrison says:

    Man, you fail, Paul!

    Talking about John Milus and not once, not ONCE mentioning the GREATEST MOVIE EVER, The Wind and the Lion!

    Sean Connery as a Berber pirate chieftan (and a full-on Muslim defender of the faith!) kidnapping sexy Candice Bergen (well, she was THEN), while back in America Teddy Roosevelt (Brian Keith!) goes against advice and sends in the Marines to rescue her and teach them A-Rabs some lessons in manners!

    I DEFY you to watch this and not call it the GREATEST MOVIE EVER!

    Oh, Milus also made Conan the Barbarian, which did not contain any Sean Connery.

  14. Young Freud says:

    Thank god and Francis Ford Coppola that Apocalypse Now didn’t end the way Milnus want to. Milnus wanted Willard and Kurtz to face down the entire NVA at Kurtz’s compound in a spectacular night battle. Then, dawn breaks and the U.S. army helicopters fly in to relieve them. But, Willard takes his M-16 and shoots down the lead helicopter and the movie ends. Coppola must of read that script, turned to him and said, “Are you f@cking kidding me?”

    Also, Milnus was most recent work, aside from that WWE movie, is as the producer for the HBO series Rome, which is filled with violence and buttsechs. He’s also the basis of Walter Sobeck in The Big Lebowski.

  15. Keith says:

    Hey, it wasn’t everyone against the US! We had half a billion screamin’ Chinamen on our side.

    And the greatest line in movie history: “Avenge me, boys! Avenge me!”

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