The Horror within the Blur

The Greatest Movie EVER!

Some spoilers ahead, so watch the movie first,

because Jacob’s Ladder is the Greatest Movie EVER!

This movie contains:

How can he operate with no eyes?


Ludovig treatment?


Yeesh, that's freaky.



  • Pruitt Taylor Vince’s medical condition is actually called “Nystagmus”.
  • The Jezebel of the Old Testament was a worshiper of Baal. The Jezebel mentioned in the New Testament was the sexually promiscuous one.



Katherine is going to feel my pain…


  1. front-beat says:

    WOW !1!1

    Next weeks movie looks like pure pain.Cannot wait.

  2. Ian says:

    A buddy let me borrow M&M (he got it for free with some DVD order) it sat next to my TV for about 3 months er watched it. If your review is good perhaps I’ll check it out.

  3. Suto says:

    About the box for this move:
    ***Spoiler Alert***
    He WAS dreaming!
    It’s like if the box for The Sixth Sense said:
    or Citizen Kanes said:
    What is ROSEBUD? Its not a SLED

  4. Ivan says:

    I really dig when you guys occasionally take a break from the gymkata’s of the world and talk about a real movie…And, Jacob’s Ladder is certainly a movie that warrants it. To be fair, I think that Rod Serling was the man who truly launched the idea of the thinking-mans sci-fi and fantasy movie. But, Jacobs Ladder is easily one of the earliest and most memorable big screen attempts.

    I know it’s off topic, but Paul, have you ever watched “The Lost Room”? It’s an interesting min-series from a couple years back that was shown on sci-fi network. The acting and writing isn’t spectacular, but overall it’s a really captivating watch.

  5. Apreche says:

    Hey, Scott from GeekNights here. I have to be honest, I never listened to your show before ever, so where better to start than the newest episode? I must say that I listened while zoning out at work, so I don’t remember much. However, I hear a mention of Essential Luke Cage Power Man.

    You best be reading those pages honky sucka!

  6. Hey guys, thanks for this episode. I watched Jacob’s Ladder about 3 years ago and I couldn’t understand a lot of it (mostly because it really scared me). I also was afraid to watch it again to figure it out. Thanks again guys for helping me figure that movie out.

  7. Alan R. says:

    Regarding angels: prior to the conquest of Israel by Persia in the Old Testament, few if any angels were ever named, other than the occasional “angel of the Lord.” After that conquest, distinct angels such as Gabriel and Michael start to appear. This is attributed to the Zoroastrian religion that existed in Persia at the time. Keep in mind that the Hebrew people strived to be, at various times in their history, a culturally distinct people. See

    Wikipedia also has information on Baal worship, which Queen Jezebel practiced.

  8. Kidder says:

    On the subject of demons and angels, Goob should definitely review the crap-tacular Christopher Walken film “The Prophecy” (not to be confused with the owl-bear film Goob reviews a few eps ago)

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