Labyrinths and Lollipops?

The Greatest Movie EVER?

Strap on your scabbards, adventurers, because

Mazes and Monsters is the Greatest (Worst?) Movie EVER!

This movie contains:

Some have mystical powers.

Helpful Skeletons. (“Beware the Sacrilege!”)

Tom Hank's is losin' it.

Crazy people.

Man. that's a stupid hat.

Stupid Hats.


I hope that dragon fails its Saving Throw vs Doritos…



We’re going to keep this Satanic Death bus a-rollin’

when Chad “Winter” Clayton returns to take a stab at

The Black Cauldron.


  1. Sweet oogly-moogly! I just had a Disney film marathon with my little cousin and we watched Black Cauldron. I remember it being joke-scary (as in extremely scary for those of you not from the UK) when I was a kid, but my cousin didn’t even whimper. Maybe she’s just a tough cookie, but I reckon it’s all this hippity-hop and MTV’s that’s desensitizing the young-un’s.

  2. I watched this (or really selected scenes) with a friend recently. We both noticed that nothing about M&M the game resembles any role-playing game we’ve played. You can see when they’re playing the game that their characters’ sheet, save the really well-done potrait, have nothing that remotely looks like a character sheet from D&D: no attributes, no real skills, only a list of spells and powers. It’s like it’s their notes from a script-reading.

    I’m not even sure how the game board is supposed to work, with it getting filled in haphazardly while they play. But, the cardboard figures are cool.

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